Tristan Freshly

Transfer student impressed with easy path from CSCC to Otterbein

"I know the education I’m getting and the environment is great. The smaller class sizes are fantastic. And I was surprised to learn how friendly and eager the faculty and students are to help you."

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Special Transfer Credit Evaluation* Offer

Send us your scanned transcript and we’ll do an unofficial evaluation and let you know what will transfer, for how many credits and what the course equivalents are. No application required.

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What Will Transfer?

During the application process all official transcripts will be evaluated for credit that can count toward the second degree. However, the following are University requirements that must be completed to earn a second degree from Otterbein.  

To earn a second degree at Otterbein University the student must complete:

  • a minimum of 32 semester hours in residence at Otterbein; CLEP, credit by other means of examination, proficiency tests, Otterbein course ASC 0900, etc. may not be used to fulfill this requirement
  • all requirements in the major of which at least 12 semester hours in the major must be completed in residence at the 3000/4000 level
  • the Integrative Studies Dyad or 2 Integrative Studies courses at the 2000 level in residence for all programs except the BSN in Nursing; this is applicable only to students who did not earn the first degree at Otterbein; those who did are exempt from this requirement;
  • for the BSN in Nursing, the 2-course Integrative Studies residency requirement may be fulfilled by taking CHEM 1200 and one other INST course; since INST 2006 and 1 course from among INST 2201, 2202, 2203, 2204, PHIL 1300 and PHIL 2400 are required to fulfill specific content in the major, it is recommended that these specific courses be taken at Otterbein to fulfill this residency requirement; if the first degree was earned at Otterbein, the INST residency requirement is waived, but the content area listed above is still required in the major
  • the general education modern language and mathematics requirements

If fewer than 32 semester hours are needed to complete the degree requirements, the remaining hours needed to reach 32 may consist of elective credit.