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2015 Summer Academy Kristin

Intervention Specialist Open House March 15

Explore Otterbein University's Intervention Specialist programs at an Open House, Wednesday, March 15, from 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.  Meet the instructor of our Wednesday evening graduate education course, Behavior and Learning Environments, and discuss the programs with students who are currently in the program! 

Teachers can start the IS license in our one-year licensure program, and use the courses for the license towards a master's degree.  Initial licensure students can get their master's degree and license at the same time in our unique Master of Arts in Teaching program.
Otterbein Intervention Specialist
Our programs are blended learning with field experiences integrated into the coursework. 

REGISTER NOW!  or email gmiller@otterbein.edu to register.  Location is Roush Hall, 2nd floor Graduate School lounge. 

Dr. Karen Robinson's spring semester in Guangzhou, China

Dr. Karen Robinson spent a month in Guangzhou, China, at Xiguan Experimental Elementary School.  She conducted professional development workshops for Chinese teachers of English.  The teachers at Xiguan were "eager to know more about American education practices.  They were hungry for ideas on differentiation, assessment, and ways to engage their students in active learning." Dr. Robinson found Dr. Karen Robinson's sabbitical trip to Chinathe teachers were eager and proud to share their culture.  "We learned how to make delicious dumplings." Karen's visits included a trip to Macau, China, where Otterbein alumni Jenny Mulhorn teaches at the same school she completed her student teaching in 2015.

Dr. Karen Robinson, her cousin Andy Hawkins, and the welcoming student monitors from the Xiguan School.

Dr. Diane Ross receives a Fulbright Award for work in Uganda

Looking for adventure this summer while making a difference in the lives of children and communities in Uganda?  Dr. Diane Ross is always looking for more students to join her next trip to Uganda.  If you are interested, get in touch with Dr. Ross at dross@otterbein.edu.  "This is a trip that will educate you with what's happening around the world, while at the same time, you get the opportunity to help children and their communities." 

Dr. Diane Ross and students from Otterbein take donations for children and perform service work. Dr. Ross's trip to Uganda During past trips, Dr. Ross's groups have completed projects at the Naguru Parents' School in Kampala including building a playground and first-aid clinic, putting in a garden, starting a library, and modeling lessons for teachers.  The school is an amazing place where teachers love their students and students love to attend!  The  group also started community libraries in the villages of Nakosi and Oluvu, supplying over 3,00 books and four computers in each library.

Dr. Ross connected with scholar Bonny Norton, Otterbein's 2015 Vernon Pack speaker, to develop a proposal to integrate literacy, young adolescents, and sexual health in helping girls overcome obstacles to education.  Dr. Ross was selected to receive a Fulbright award to support her efforts incorporating the African Story Book Project to empower girls through the telling and reading of stories in their own language.

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