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Operation Physics

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What is OP2: Operation Physics?

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OP2: Operation Physics is a teacher-friendly, proven-effective graduate course for grades 4-9 teachers with science education responsibilities. This tuition-free, five (5) credit hour, graded Otterbein course combines basic physical science concepts with hands-on materials and activities. OP2: Operation Physics is modeled after a successful NSF-developed program that has served teachers in northeast Ohio for over 20 years.

From the Lab to the Classroom

The course includes instruction in physical science concepts appropriate for middle school and constructivist teaching strategies that will lead to student (and teacher) involvement and understanding. Activities are designed to help teachers learn basic concepts and most of the activities can be used or adapted for use in the middle school classroom.

This is for you!

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  • Not much background in physical science, but you’d teach it if you could?
  • You’d teach physics concepts and critical thinking better and more often if you had practical lessons for middle grade students?
  • You’ve noticed that children’s perceptions and explanations about natural events are sometimes vastly different from the scientific view?
  • You’ve heard about “hands-on”, “minds-on” science inquiry and want to try some?
  • The mention of Ohio’s Model Science Curriculum makes you feel uncertain about how to prepare your students?
  • You’d like a solid graduate course in which to explore selected topics in physics, children’s thinking and science education?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, consider taking OP2: Operation Physics – an Otterbein University graduate course funded by the Ohio Department of Higher Education for area teachers.

More Information About OP2: Operation Physics

Interested in Participating in OP2: Operation Physics?

Over the past six years, OP2 has served 175 teachers of grades 3-12 (science and special education teachers with responsibilities for science instruction) from 46 school districts around Central Ohio (in 17 different counties).

Free: Five Semester Hours of graduate credit and over $800 in materials that are teacher friendly and classroom ready. School districts are asked to contribute a paid sub day and $175 materials fee.

Please write or call
Wendy Sherman Heckler, The Office of Academic Affairs at 614.823.3395
Otterbein University, 1 South Grove Street, Westerville, OH 43081

Please Include:

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  • Address, City/State/Zip
  • 10 digit phone number
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/ Operation Physics

Otterbein University
1 S. Grove Street
Westerville, OH 43081

Contact Information

Dr. Wendy Sherman Heckler
p/ 614.823.1571