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Our faculty care about your success.

Get to know our Master of Science in Allied Health Faculty.

Paul D. Longenecker, RN, MBA, Ph.D.
Program Director
Master of Science in Allied Health
p/ 614.823.1083
e/ plongenecker@otterbein.edu
Office: Health & Sport Sciences, 012

Joan Rocks, Ph.D, ATC, AT
Health and Sport Sciences Department Chair
p/ 614.823.3505
e/ jrocks@otterbein.edu
Office: Health & Sport Sciences, 107

Robert Braun, Ph.D., MPH, CHES
Associate Professor
p/ 614.823.3535
e/ RBraun@otterbein.edu 
Office: Health & Sport Sciences, 011

Kim Fischer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
p/ 614.823.3542
e/ KFischer@otterbein.edu 
Office: Health & Sport Sciences, 104

Erica Van Dop
p/ 614.823.1956
e/ evandop@otterbein.edu
Office: Health & Sport Sciences, 110

Joe Wilkins, MED, ATC, AT, CSCS
p/ 614.823.3520
e/ jwilkins@otterbein.edu 
Office: Health & Sport Sciences, 008

Jessica Buschman, M.S., RD, LD
Adjunct Faculty
p/ 614.823.2533
e/ jbuschmann@otterbein.edu
Office: Health & Sport Sciences, 108

/ The Graduate School

The Graduate School is located in Roush Hall, room 208.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

p/ 614.823.3210
e/ grad@otterbein.edu

Paul Longenecker MBA, PhD, RN
Program Director
e/ plongenecker@otterbein.edu
p/ 614.823.1083

Lauren Keller
Graduate Assistant/MSAH Recruiter
e/ lauren.keller@otterbein.edu
p/ 614.823.3514