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MBA Alumni Testimonials

Find out what our MBA graduates have to say about their Otterbein experience. Select a graduate below:

  • Adriana Shkreli '13
  • Jean-Claude Ndongo '13
  • Jessica Foster '06
  • Kate Visconti '03
  • Kathy Cunningham '05
  • Ken Wichman '02

  • Kevin Stough '03
  • Pete Samijlenko '06
  • Peter O'Neill, '04
  • Rachel Mazur '10
  • Sean Donnelly, '07
  • Todd Ricketts ‘10

  • Tommy Timam, '05
  • Christie Humphrey
  • Mark Farrell
  • Terry Hammett Thumbnail
  • Joe Haugen
  • Griffin Pierce '04

Adriana Shkreli '13

Adriana ShkreliMy name is Adriana Shkreli and I originally chose Otterbein University because of its emphasis on the student and professor relationship in the classroom. After graduating with a B.S. double major in Economics and Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, I knew that I wanted to continue my journey at Otterbein with the MBA program for another two years. I had a wonderful experience during my undergrad and Otterbein simply felt like my home. I had the privilege to work as a Graduate Assistant for the Integrative Studies department that allowed me to appreciate the efforts and work behind-the-scenes that professors put into making sure that students get the best educational experience. I will forever be grateful that Otterbein University allowed me to build great relationships with my professors and classmates. Professors are different at Otterbein because they get to know you as a person and help you pave the way to your future. The best thing I got from my six years at Otterbein was the opportunity to expand my mind and to ask the question "why". I recommend both Otterbein as an undergraduate and MBA choice to any student who is willing to challenge themselves in wanting a holistic view of the world around them.

Jean-Claude Ndongo '13

Jean-Claude NdongoMy name is Jean-Claude Ndongo and I received my MBA from The Graduate School at Otterbein University in May of 2013. Prior to selecting the MBA program at Otterbein, I spent approximately three to four years researching several graduate programs across the nation. After attending several information sessions with other schools in the Columbus area, I visited Otterbein in 2010 and was instantly convinced that I had found the perfect program; I applied a few weeks later and started my MBA in January 2011. 

While attending Otterbein I worked a full-time job in financial services and had increasing family responsibilities that included me and my wife welcoming the birth of our two children. Although I felt overwhelmed at times, I knew that the challenges that I faced were going to eventually pay off. The Otterbein MBA program has enhanced my critical thinking and decision-making abilities: I greatly benefited from my peers’ experiences and input as well as all my instructors’ knowledge and passion. Most of all, this program has provided me with a quality education and a great network made up of fellow alumni, professors and school administrators that truly care about my overall development as an individual.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Otterbein MBA to anyone looking for a strong graduate program that will provide them with superior business and critical thinking skills while making them a part of a caring community.

Jessica Foster '06

Jessica FosterMy name is Jessica Foster and I am a proud Otterbein MBA graduate.  I chose Otterbein for several reasons: flexibility of the program while maintaining a full-time job, convenient location, recommendations from friends, and an immediate connection when meeting staff and current students in the program.  Even though my bachelor's degree in business administration from Miami University opened a lot of doors for me, I still felt like I was "type-cast" as an IT resource after spending time in IT consulting roles.  I chose to go back to school to round out my business and leadership skills after spending 6 years in the workforce.  It made what I learned more relevant and immediately applicable.  I am grateful for the rigorous, yet flexible curriculum, the professors that taught me so much academically and personally, and for forging some of the strongest friendships in my life.

Kate Visconti '03

Kate ViscontiMy name is Kate Visconti. I earned my MBA from The Graduate School at Otterbein University in 2003.  I chose Otterbein, primarily, because I was already in love with the faculty, staff, campus, and educational opportunities that I had at Otterbein, having already earned a Bachelor's in English/ Secondary Education. 

I love the Otterbein community (i.e., students, faculty, staff, and the Westerville area in general). Pursuing the MBA, I was able to continue take classes at my own pace with Professors that I knew, trusted, and admired.  

Honestly, I had not thought about obtaining an MBA as a former teacher, but making the switch to a business education has proven to be a life-changing experience.  The coursework aligned perfectly with a time for me in my career where I made some major changes.  I will never forget the first time someone asked me about the price elasticity of our ATM fees and I actually knew what our Finance guy was talking about! Thanks Otterbein! I also made close friends and lasting relationships that are in place to this day. My network was definitely expanded, to the benefit of both me and my network, personally and professionally. I whole-heartedly recommend Otterbein for anyone looking to truly grow as a professional and an individual.

Kathy Cunningham '05

Kathleen CunninghamMy name is Kathy, I am a proud 2005 Otterbein MBA graduate. When I decided to apply to colleges offering MBA programs, I was working full-time and raising a family. Most important to me when selecting a program was 1) a program that would prepare me for the next career level, 2) a program that was recognized for a quality education, and 3) an affordable program. I reviewed all of the local and online programs available at the time. For me, Otterbein fit the bill completely.

I believed that to reach the next career level, I needed the financial and general management knowledge the Otterbein MBA offered. It was also important to me to be able to arrange an independent study that allowed me to develop proficiency in a specific area.

I began the program in the autumn term 2002 and (even with 2 pre-requisites) finished my coursework in the autumn term 2004. Soon after completing the program, I earned a significant promotion and assumed new responsibilities at a growing Fortune 500 company. In early 2006, I joined a new company, at an officer level, to build a new department using the skills I learned during the independent study. Both these major career steps were the direct result of applying what I learned while at Otterbein. Most recently, I had an exciting opportunity to start my own business. Every day I use what I learned over the course of the program, and especially in the Entrepreneurship course.

If you are considering investing time and money in your career with an MBA graduate degree, give Otterbein a careful study. You will find the advantages a small school offers (access to professors, shorter distance across campus, small classes) along with the quality of program found at larger schools.

Ken Wichman '02

Ken Wichman '02My name is Ken Wichman and I am a 2002 graduate of the Otterbein MBA Program. I chose Otterbein because of the reputation of the institution and the academic curriculum that is offered. For a business professional, like myself, the Otterbein MBA allowed for the flexibility that I needed with a busy schedule. Additionally, the student body at Otterbein is in a class of its own. Finally, it is a very nice campus with great resources available to each and every student. I would highly recommend the Otterbein MBA.

Kevin Stough '03

Kevin StoughMy name is Kevin Stough and I received my MBA from The Graduate Program at Otterbein University in 2003.  I chose Otterbein for a number of reasons, but the most important were the small community feel and the flexibility of classes.  My undergraduate studies were at Ohio State so I had my fill of large campuses.  I had actually not thought much about attending graduate school until I met one of the adjunct professors for Otterbein on a project that my company was working on.  After some discussions, it made sense to look into graduate school and after visiting the campus and meeting with several of the staff, I felt right at home.  The coursework came at a great time for me in my career.  I was a fairly newly minted leader of an IT department and the variety of coursework really helped me to grow in my new role.  I made some great friends in my time at Otterbein and I have no doubt that the experience and knowledge gained has made me a better person.  Anyone looking to expand their knowledge and grow their career should definitely look at an MBA from The Graduate School at Otterbein University.

Pete Samijlenko '06

Pete SamijlenkoMy name is Pete Samijlenko and I am an Otterbein MBA graduate, Class of 2006. When it came time to picking a program, I looked at several Central Ohio programs and compared how the programs would best fit not only into my professional career, but my personal life as well.  As a father of a 3 year old at the time, I wanted a program that was flexible with my family schedule, yet offered a quality education.  After an exhaustive search, Otterbein clearly became my #1 choice, and I’m happy to say the Otterbein MBA program exceeded my expectations.  Other programs I considered focused more on the internet being a major tool of flexibility in courses offered and professors’ availability.  I preferred the traditional classroom setting with professors standing in front of me, teaching and answering questions.  Otterbein also provided a great networking opportunity with other professionals in the Columbus area, which allowed me to make new lifelong friends.  I highly recommend the MBA program at Otterbein and I am extremely proud to say that I belong to its prestigious alumni group.

Peter O'Neill, '04

Peter O'NeillMy name is Peter O'Neill and I am an Otterbein MBA graduate! I chose Otterbein because I was working north of 270 and knew I planned to stay in central Ohio.  I visited several schools and felt most comfortable at Otterbein.  When I looked at the history of Otterbein, I really felt that Otterbein would help me grow as an individual. My Otterbein MBA has helped me to round out my engineering degree with the business knowledge and leadership capabilities to advance my career.  Since graduating, my MBA has helped me move from a technical career path to a career focused on the business side of selling and implementing new technologies.  To anyone considering an MBA, I would recommend they take a deep look inside the schools and programs they are considering.  Only Otterbein offers the value, flexibility, and rich history of developing students into the leaders needed in today’s workforce.

Rachel Mazur '10

Rachel MazurMy name is Rachel Mazur and I’m an Otterbein MBA graduate - 2010.  I live and work in Westerville and Otterbein was the perfect fit for me, and my lifestyle.  A few of the things I love about Otterbein are: 

  • Close to home (easy access and convenient parking)
  • Small class size (I got to know nearly everyone in the program on a first name basis)
  • Informal setting (the classes were comprised mostly of discussions and experience sharing)
  • Great teachers that were engaged and passionate
  • Diverse courses to fuel my passion
  • Ideal level of difficulty; I had to push myself to achieve yet wasn’t so stressed out I didn’t enjoy my experience
  • Great Sense of community and caring between the students, faculty and administration

I left each class with take-a-way value I could implement in our business to make it grow and operate efficiently and would recommend an Otterbein MBA to anyone that asks!  Please feel free to contact me at RMazur@goDASCO.com if you would like to discuss the program further.

Sean Donnelly, '07

Sean DonnellySean Donnelly, MBA '07
Managing Director, Arch Reinsurance

My name is Sean Donnelly and I am an Otterbein MBA graduate, Class of 2007.  I chose Otterbein over the other local programs because of the flexibility and small class sizes.  It was important to me to be able to enroll in courses around my hectic professional and personal schedules while moving at my own pace.  Also, I knew attending Otterbein would allow me to intimately interact with my professors and classmates resulting in an enriched learning experience.  My Otterbein MBA has greatly enhanced my own "emotional intelligence", leadership abilities, and project management skills.  It gave me the confidence to help start a business unit from scratch and begin leading others on their path of growth and development.  Someone looking for a quality MBA education surrounded by experienced peers and knowledgeable professors wrapped in a family atmosphere must have Otterbein at the top of their list.

Todd Ricketts ‘10

My name is Todd Ricketts and I earned my MBA from The Graduate School at Otterbein University in 2010. I chose Otterbein based off the variety of classes where I could focus on IT Leadership.  Having earned my Bachelor’s degree from Fisher College of Business at Ohio State, I wanted to have variety in my institutions that I attended to help prepare me for my future goal of obtaining a PhD. What I did not expect was to have classes that would alter my career and solidify my direction as a professional (Change Management, IT Leadership, and Marketing). These three classes, both individually and how I connected concepts & techniques from them, allowed me to recognize my career path and the confidence to pursue it. Before my MBA, I was searching within my positions and using changes in my career to determine what I really wanted to do. The experiences across all of the classes over two years brought clarity in what I wanted to pursue and who I wanted to be.

The people at Otterbein also made a huge difference in the experience. The personal interaction with classmates, who were experienced professionals, allowed for learning during the process of working on projects. Additionally, the small class sizes meant that I was able to interact with the professors, both as teachers and mentors. And when it comes to an MBA, and beyond, having the close interaction with those in the program mimics the everyday work environment, but with more thought exploration - things you cannot get from large classes or online learning. I would highly recommend Otterbein’s MBA program to anyone who wants to advance their skills and capabilities for themselves and for their career.

Tommy Timam, '05

Tommy TimamMy name is Tommy Timam and I am a proud Otterbein MBA 2005 graduate.  I started my Otterbein journey after I had completed my undergraduate program.  During that time the financial job market was tough and I was lucky to hold onto a job at a local grocery store. To pursue my career, I knew I needed to differentiate myself from other job seekers and I thought a graduate degree would help.  I was accepted into the program and nervously started my classes. On the first day of my first MBA class I sat next to a fellow student and after some polite introductions he asked me what I did.  I told him the truth that I bagged groceries, but that I wanted to work in the financial markets.  It turned out that he worked for a Financial company and three weeks later I started at that same company.  10 years and 3 promotions later I still work for that very same company. Otterbein has also helped me grow outside of my career.  In 2008, I attended an Otterbein MBA Alumni function and was blessed to meet my future wife there.  To this day I still have several professors who welcome my calls, emails or texts about anything going on in my life. I went to Otterbein to just receive a degree, however I became part of a community. 

Christie Humphrey RN, MSN, MBA

Christie HumphreyMy name is Christine Humphrey and I am an Otterbein MSN/MBA graduate, Class of 2014! I originally chose Otterbein because they are one of the few universities in Central Ohio that offered the dual MSN/MBA degree. The ability to complete this dual degree in 3 years was very attractive to me. The faculty at Otterbein was willing to work with my busy work schedule. While working full time at Nationwide Children’s Hospital as a RN I was able to complete my coursework and receive this fulfilling degree in less than three years. The ability to interact with my fellow classmates in the MBA courses allowed me to make new business connections, and learn new ideas from their life experiences. This made my learning experience practical and worthwhile. After graduating I received a promotion at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and began my new journey as a Clinical Nurse Educator Specialist. Not only does Otterbein provide a quality education, but also lifelong connections and an identity in both the academic and working communities. Any individual looking for a meaningful degree and quality program should choose Otterbein.

Mark Farrell ‘02

Mark FarrellI cannot express in nearly enough words how powerfully profound the decision to attend Otterbein’s MBA in the fall of 2000 reshaped my professional career. The challenging curriculum helped prepare me for tremendous success with a Fortune 500 company and ultimately to have the courage to join a young, start-up leadership and management-consulting firm as its Chief Leadership Officer earlier this year. The short-term impact of the sacrifice of the relatively small amount of time you will invest pales in comparison with the knowledge and insights you will gain from a critical examination of business as it contributes to society at large.

Besides reaping the immediate benefits of acquiring a graduate degree from a highly reputable university with a few promotions, at Otterbein I found enduring friendships with whom I still maintain contact. The flexibility of the program permitted me to pursue my degree while continuing my professional career; a career in which I was able to use much of what the program offered. To be able to attend a reputable accredited institution while working provided me a tremendous competitive advantage when competing for roles at my company against other highly qualified candidates.

I whole-heartedly recommend the Otterbein MBA for those individuals who wish to nurture their commitment to life-long learning and who wish to join a community of civic and business leaders who know that their passions can truly be ignited by the fuel of this pursuit. I sincerely believe that by attending Otterbein, you will make a more profound impact within the company you work, the associates with whom you engage, and your own personal development. You cannot expect to receive the unearned…obtaining an Otterbein MBA is a fantastic way to earn it.

Terry Hammett, ‘13

Terry HammettI am another proud Otterbein MBA graduate! Program flexibility, course offerings, value, and reputation, these are the characteristics that made the decision easy for me. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or a seasoned business professional, everyone can benefit from the fresh perspectives and conveyance of knowledge regarding today’s business environment. My Otterbein MBA helped me continue to round out my business knowledge, strategic thinking, and leadership capabilities, contributing to my promotion as Vice President of Tax and Treasury of a publicly traded global manufacturing company. I have no doubt that I will continue to benefit from the MBA earned at Otterbein, and would recommend the program to anyone considering to further their education. I am truly proud to be part of the Otterbein Community.

Joe Haugen, ‘09

Joe HaugenContinuing my education through Otterbein’s MBA program has been one of the best decisions I’ve made to improve my knowledge and career. The program gave me the confidence to choose my career path instead of accepting where I was. I always recommend Otterbein to anyone looking for self-improvement.

After completing my undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University with a major in English, I accepted the first position available. While it was a great experience, I knew it wasn’t a career path I would find satisfying. I determined the best way for me to take control of my career was through the Otterbein MBA program. The courses from OSU complemented the business courses at Otterbein and the evening schedule allowed me to work throughout the time I was enrolled. It was hard work, but the professors understand that many of the students are working adults and were always accommodating.

While the business coursework was valuable, the relationships built with professors and other students cannot be understated. With both the professors and fellow students’ leaders in the local business community, the curriculum was always related back to real world application. I use this knowledge and experience daily.

Griffin Pierce ‘14

Griffin Pierce '04My name is Griffin Pierce and I am a 2014 graduate of Otterbein’s MBA Program. After graduating from Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business with a double specialization in marketing and logistics in June of 2012, I wasn’t quite sure what direction I wanted to take my career. I decided to continue my education by pursuing an MBA degree at Otterbein University, which turned out to be a great choice.

The classes at Otterbein were very different than my undergraduate experience, where I would regularly have hundreds of students in a class. The people I met and interacted with in the program were fantastic. The variety of backgrounds and degrees which my peers brought to the classroom made classroom discussions and coursework very interesting and realistic to a work environment. Otterbein provided me a much more personal experience with my professors, whom were very knowledgeable and always willing to help.

I decided to pursue the Information Technology (IT) concentration and was excited to study IT because of the integral role it plays in business today. After earning my degree, I began my career as a Software Quality Assurance Analyst in the IT field at a Fortune 500 company. I’ve been able to apply the business knowledge and experiences I learned at Otterbein on a daily basis. Otterbein’s MBA program helped me get to where I’m at today and will continue to benefit me as my career progresses, wherever that may be.

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Yang MBA’16 gained confidence, abilities from MBA program

Yang MBA’16 gained confidence, abilities from MBA program


MBA graduate Xuejan Yang ‘16 came to Otterbein as a way to further develop her English skills but graduated with more confidence and options than she originally thought possible.

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