Thank a Prof

"She was a really great professor. Even though she expected us to take on a heavy work load, she really taught me a lot and made the campus just the right place for me. She was positive and encouraging, helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. I just want to thank her for all her hard work!"

"I've learned a lot. She’s developed my writing skills, and she’s made it fun and interesting. She bends over backwards to help me succeed."

Do you have an instructor at Otterbein . . . .
  • who makes it completely worthwhile to go to class?
  • who makes class content interesting?
  • from whom you've learned a lot?
  • who has changed the way you see yourself or the world?

Or... have you had an instructor like this in the past?

Most teachers never know the impact they have had on our lives. Would you like a chance to send this instructor a thank you?

Thank a prof for the hard work, dedication, and effort that gave you that unforgettable learning experience. We will help by sending a letter to your teacher that conveys your appreciation.

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Acknowledgement goes to the Office of Faculty and TA Development at The Ohio State University for permission to adopt and adapt this form.