Dean’s Letter - Spring 2018

Leadership: is it the key to Making Things Better?

Whenever perusing the news, most would agree that the world today appears to be in a crisis mode.  We seem to move from one problem, or even disaster, to another almost every day.  Listening or reading the daily news can be an exhausting task! The World Economic Forum reports that 86% of respondents believe that the U.S. is suffering from a global leadership crisis and there are few effective leaders.  One might conclude that leadership is truly MIA (missing in action). 

To a certain extent, and especially when taking a more local focus, it is the leaders in our community (leaders at work, in our civic organizations, etc.) that can make things better for all of us.  Otterbein’s community of graduate students, alumni, faculty and staff are the exact leaders I am referring to and counting on to make a difference. 

Leadership requires the building of moral communities, which allows for honest living both at work and home.  Leadership is not a quality that exists since birth, but exists through people, such as you, that are dedicated to changing their local surroundings and the world.  Otterbein was built and thrives on high standards and morals, and inspires all who come here to hold these same high standards.

Leadership is about creating community, in which people become more capable of participating in their personal world (Joe Jaworski, Synchronicity:  The Inner Path of Leadership, 2011).  Thank you to the trained professionals from our Graduate School, who are currently an integral part of the Otterbein community.  Leading is what professionals do, we welcome you as part of the “rescue team” that will indeed change our world for the better!

 Barbara Schaffner Signature

Barbara Schaffner, PhD, CNP
Dean, The Graduate School