Dr. Joan Rocks

Dr. Joan Rocks is living what she teaches and demonstrating how the practice of Athletic Training is a profession and a lifestyle. Rocks is the Chair of the Department of Health and Sport Sciences, directs the master’s program in Allied Health, and is an athletic trainer with Otterbein’s athletic teams.

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Stand Out in the Highly Competitive Field of Exercise and Health Science

Learn More. Gain a Competitive Advantage. Reach Your Career Goals.

Program Highlights

  • Command higher pay and stand out from your colleagues with a masters degree
  • Learn the “hows” and “whys” of helping people embrace healthy living
  • Hybrid of online and classroom learning makes this program convenient for the working professional
  • Experiential learning puts you on the front lines of organizations focused on health and wellness

Health and wellness professionals are in great demand as corporate wellness programs increase and more emphasis is placed on controlling healthcare costs.  But it is a highly competitive field. A Master of Science in Allied Health in Exercise and Health Science from Otterbein University will help you stand out and help maximize your career potential.

Our program will teach you the “hows” and “whys” of helping people embrace healthy living. An intense focus on evidence-based practice, and how to use this knowledge to put an action plan in place, is at the core of our curriculum. Graduates come out of our program with an acute understanding of how to apply healthy living principles when working with individuals or large organizations striving to achieve wellness goals.

If you’re a high school coach, personal trainer, exercise physiologist  or a wellness coach, then you’ll find our Masters of Science in Allied Health in Exercise and Health Science a relevant and inspiring path toward excelling in your career.

Your Experience at Otterbein

Otterbein’s Master of Science in Allied Health in Exercise and Health Science combines both online and classroom learning. You’ll appreciate our commitment to experiential learning by combining lectures and traditional classroom exercises with embedded opportunities to support actual community healthcare initiatives. Our curriculum is customizable based on your interests, goals and career choices, helping you to apply your degree to your career goal immediately.

Completion of your degree is fulfilled by choosing to either complete a research thesis or take on a hands-on practicum project relevant to exercise and health science.

Exercise and Health Science Curriculum

All students earning their Master of Science in Allied Health in Exercise and Health Science must complete the “core” requirements (15 hours) in addition to:

Advanced Practice Content Courses - (6 hours)

  • MSAH 6300 - Wellness for Special Populations 
  • MSAH 6400 - Corporate/Worksite Wellness Design

Elective Courses - (9 hours)

The elective courses can be taken from any graduate level program.  Below are suggestions in course selections.  Select three (3) courses:

  • EDUC 6100 – 21st Century Curriculum and Technology 
  • EDUC 6110 – Principles of Instruction and Assessment
  • MSAH 5150 – Advanced Strength and Conditioning
  • MSAH 5500 – US Health Care Policy
  • MSAH 5660 - Applied Performance Nutrition
  • MSAH 6510 – Ethical Healthcare Leadership
  • MSAH 6700 – Special Topics
  • MBA 6000 – Organizational Behavior and Development
  • MBA 6600 – Data Analytics (MATH 1240 - Statistics 1 -  prerequisite required)

Thesis or Advanced Practicum: 
(Either option - repeated twice for 6 hours) 

  • MSAH 6900 - Advanced Clinical Practicum (6 hours), OR
  • MSAH 7000 - Thesis (6 hours)