Admission to the MAT Program

  • Submit an online Graduate application.
  • Interview with Graduate Education Advisor
  • Submit official transcripts for all previous college and/or university work. In order to be considered official, transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution to the Graduate School. If hand-delivered, transcripts must be in an unopened envelope from the issuing institution. The Minimum undergraduate grade point average for admission of 2.75 and concentration area grade point averages of 2.75 both based on the A=4.0 system.
  • Students can register for up to 10 semester hours of graduate credit (no limit on undergraduate hours) before they are admitted to the MAT program.

To move from provisional admission to full admission to the MAT program, applicants must

  • Submit qualifying ACT, SAT, Praxis Core, GRE, or alternative graduate entrance exam test scores
  • Submit two completed professional recommendation forms (PDF) related to teaching success and/or qualifications to pursue graduate studies in education.
  • For Middle Childhood Licensure candidates only: Submit documentation (PDF) of at least 25 hours of experience working with young adolescents (students in grades 4-9) and an evaluation form completed by someone supervising the experience. Intervention Specialist candidates will obtain these hours within their program.
An additional 25 hours of evaluated field experiences must be fulfilled before candidates are accepted as Degree Candidates. The 25 hours required in EDUC 5100 (Educational Psychology) or field hours associated with other MAT courses may be used to fulfill either of these field requirements.
  • Participate in the MAT essay/interview event, which is offered once every academic term. Contact the Graduate Education Advisor to schedule your session. During the two-hour block of time, candidates will:
  • Complete and submit an essay. Instructions for preparing for the essay can be obtained from the Graduate Education Advisor.
  • Interview with faculty.  
The Graduate Education Committee may consider other data related to success in teaching at the discretion of the committee. Applicants who do not meet all of the criteria may petition the Graduate Education Committee—see the Graduate Education Advisor in the Graduate School for details. The Graduate Education Committee reserves the right to reject any candidate who does not meet the outlined criteria. 

Applications are reviewed once each term. Applicants will be notified of the action of the Committee in writing within two weeks of the decision, and they may reapply if they do not qualify on the first application by contacting the Graduate School and/or Education Department for application deadlines.