The 18-in-15 Program

Are you a licensed AYA teacher who wants to teach College Credit Plus courses or at a community college? With Otterbein’s 18 in 15 Program, you can earn the 18 semester hours that you need* in only 15 months. Our educational mathematics classes are offered in the evenings and during the summer, providing practical information and experiences to apply in your classroom.

We offer two and three credit hour courses that can be taken in any order – no prerequisites.

3 Credit Hour Courses 2 Credit Hour Courses
MATH 6150 Advanced Geometry
EDUC 6882 Representations
MATH 6230 Topology
MATH 6240 Dynamical Systems
MATH 6120 Probability
MATH 6140 Number Theory
EDUC 6880 Problem Solving
MATH 6250 Game Theory
MATH 6110 Algebra
COST: $1,671 per course (scholarships are available) COST: $1,114 per course (scholarships are available)

Two Easy Ways to Reach 18 in 15

1) Seven Courses Summer 2018 through Summer 2019

  • Two or three courses in SU 18 (5 or 8 hours) 
  • One course FA 18 (2 hours)
  • One course SP 19 (3 hours)
  • Three or two courses in SU 19 (8 or 5 hours)
  • Total: 18

2)  Six Courses Summer 2018 through Fall 2019

  • (all of the classes in the three credit hour column)

The Master of Arts in Educational Mathematics degree (30 hours) can be earned in two years by taking classes summer, fall and spring. EDUC 6890: Research seminar is offered every fall term and EDUC 6895: Research capstone is offered every term.

Consider sending a team of educators from your school, creating a professional learning community that can support and strengthen the entire mathematics department.

A “summers only” option for the master’s degree can be created with a cohort of 12.

* Ohio Revised Code 3365.11 Credential Requirements for Instructors