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Dr. Meredith Frey

Department of Psychology

Associate Professor

B.A., Ursuline College, 2000
M.A., Case Western Reserve University, 2005
Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 2006 

Research and Teaching Interests

Human intelligence relating to measurement of reaction time

Professional Affiliations and Awards
  • Otterbein University Torch and Key Society, 2009
  • Otterbein University New Teacher of the Year, 2009
  • Case Western Reserve University Graduate Instructor Award, 2005
  • Mensa Research Award, 2004
  • National Institutes of Health Graduate Research Fellowship, 2001 to July 2005
  • Member, International Society for Intelligence Research, 2001 to Present
  • Member, Association for Psychological Science, 2009 to Present
  • Member, Midwestern Psychological Association, 2009 to Present
  • Member, Psi Chi (national psychology honorary), 2000 to Present
  • Frey, M. C., & Detterman, D. K. (2004). Scholastic assessment or g? The relationship between the SAT and general cognitive ability. Psychological Science, 15 (6), 373-378 Frey, M. C., & Detterman, D. K. (2005). Regression basics: Rejoinder to Bridgeman. Psychological Science, 16 (9), 747
  • Frey, M. C. (under revision). The relationship between performance in near match-to-sample tasks and fluid intelligence.
  • Koenig, K. A., Frey, M. C., & Detterman, D. K. (2008). ACT and general cognitive ability. Intelligence, 36 (2), 153-160
Personal Note to Students
I truly enjoy my research, and I love teaching other people about the scientific method as it applies to the study of human behavior and mental processes.  You’re most likely to encounter me teaching Research Methods and Statistics, and I hope that you’ll find these courses both helpful and fun!

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Psychology House 102