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Dr. Miranda Hallett

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Assistant Professor

B.A. Cultural Anthropology, Bard College, June 1999
M.A. Sociocultural Anthropology, Cornell University, July 2006
Ph.D. Sociocultural Anthropology, Cornell University, 2009

Research and Teaching Interests
  • Regions: El Salvador, Central and Latin America, rural United States (south and midwest), Latino migration and transnational communities
  • Legal and political anthropology; analysis of legal forms and categories
  • Anthropology of space and place; theories of territoriality
  • Theories of nationalism, power, and the state
  • Political economy of neoliberal globalization; critiques of development
  • Discourse, discipline, and identity formation
  • Theories of racial and ethnic formation
  • Cultural politics and social movements
Professional Affiliations and Awards
  • American Anthropological Association
  • Society for the Anthropology of North America
  • Society for Urban/Transnational Anthropology
  • Law and Society Association
  • Immigration Research Network
  • Latin American Studies Association
  • Latino Studies chapter
“Diasporic Suffrage: voting rights in the Salvadoran trans-nation.” Co-written with Beth Baker-Cristales.  In Urban Anthropology, Vol. 39, Nos. 1-2. Spring and Summer 2010

Personal Note to Students
I am very happy to be at Otterbein developing our new program in cultural anthropology.  I hope that all students who take a class with me will expand their world-view and learn how to think critically-- questioning both their own and others' deeply held assumptions.

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Towers Hall 222