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Louise Captein

Associate Professor
Department of

p/ 614.823.1168
e/ LCaptein@otterbein.edu
Office: 33 Collegeview, A118


  • Hogeschool Holland, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Degree, 1988
  • Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Degree, 1991 

Research & Teaching Interests

  • Collage Technique
  • Creating new animated forms everyone can relate to

Personal Biography

My paintings are based on sketches that are paper collages. When I make my collages I work in a loose, experimental manner. I like to quickly assemble, rearrange and disassemble compositions. I also use the collage technique because I enjoy the opacity of the paper and the hard-edged quality of the cut shapes. The technique matches my desire for clarity of form and of color in my images. Once a collage is finished I transfer it onto a large-scale canvas and use oil paint to create the painting. I choose for the larger scale to increase the impact of a dynamic composition, strong form and rich color. Each painting is an exact copy of the original collage. The painting process involves careful mixing of colors and meticulous application of thin layers of paint to create a smooth surface.

Overall, my goal is to create new, animated forms that everybody everywhere can relate to. I want to reach people at a very basic level. I believe all human beings are naturally inclined to enjoy color. It is also in our nature to be moved by movement, to be surprised by spontaneity, o be energized by action and to feel alive surrounded by what is alive. I want my art to be infectious.

/ Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is located in Roush Hall, 27 S. Grove St.

Office Hours

M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

p / 614.823.1556

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