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Testing Accommodations

Test Scheduling Forms

Disability Services relies heavily on the Test Scheduling Form as a contract between our office, the student, and the professor. The form provides the details necessary so that we are able to efficiently and accurately proctor quizzes and exams according to the guidelines set forth by the professor for the course.

We understand that the test dates and the progression of a course may change throughout the semester. As this occurs, it is helpful for our office to have advanced notice of at least 3-5 business days to properly schedule and coordinate accommodations for a test. We still encourage students to complete a Test Scheduling Form with the professors at the beginning of the term so we have notice that they plan to make arrangements for their assessments with our office, even when the dates are not yet solidified. 

We also encourage students to discuss their need (if applicable) for extended time and review their class schedule with you to determine if flexibility is necessary regarding the start time for their exam.  We also encourage students to return the form to our office themselves so that they may connect with our staff to determine if the testing scheduling is appropriate and accurate. 

There is a separate Test Scheduling Form specific to the Nursing department. Otherwise, all other courses will use our general Test Scheduling Form. Both can be found below.


Best Practices for Working with Students with Testing Accommodations

  • Pre-determine the course timeline/syllabus – we understand the flexibility needed as classes progress at different paces, but this helps students with planning and time management and it assists our office in setting up appropriate space and staffing.
  • Allow flexibility due to extended time accommodations and schedule conflicts
  • Send quizzes/tests to our office at least 24 business hours prior to the student’s scheduled start time with our office
  • Complete Test Scheduling Forms in their entirety
  • Indicate tentative dates and communicate changes as needed with advanced notice

Test Scheduling Forms 

These forms may be filled out electronically via Adobe.

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