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English Language Learners

The Academic Support Center offers two forms of Academic Support to Otterbein students who are English Language Learners (ELLs).

Conversation Tables are casual meetings facilitated by ELL Assistants where students can practice speaking, listening to, and writing in English. 

Study Tables are individual sessions to help students with their courses. Students receive assistance in: clarifying course requirements; creating study plans for exams, papers, and presentations; and practicing reading and writing strategies for individual courses and textbooks.

The ESL program offers workshops for English Language Learners.

For more information on Conversation Tables, Study Tables, and ESL Workshops, click on the links below.

/ Academic Support Center

Courtright Memorial Library, 2nd Floor


Office Hours
M- F:  8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

p / 614.823.1610
f / 614.823.1983

Kristy Drobney
Library, Room #225
p / 614-823-1362
e / kdrobney@otterbein.edu

Beth Derringer
Coordinator, Math Support Services
Library, Room #215
p / 614.823.1823

Beth Domanik
Administrative Assistant
Library, Room #229
p / 614-823-1610
e / edomanik@otterbein.edu 

Regina Kengla
Reading/Writing Specialist
Academic Support Center
Library, Room #226
p / 614-823-1883
e / rkengla@otterbein.edu

Kera McClain Manley
Coordinator, Disabilities Services
Library, Room #228
p / 614-823-1618
e / Kmanley@otterbein.edu

Stacy Rosenberger
Testing/Alt Media Coordinator
Library, Room #203
p/ 614-823-1264