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Get Feedback on Your Teaching

In addition to consultation, the CTL can also help you gather feedback on your teaching in a number of ways. For more information on any of these services, email ctl@otterbein.edu or call 614-823-1064.

Midsemester Feedback

The CTL can help faculty collect feedback from students in the middle of the semester rather than waiting for evaluations at the end. This can encourage students to reflect on their own learning and provide valuable evidence to document your teaching as part of the university's tenure and promotion process.

For more information, see our Midsemester Feedback page.

Classroom Observation

CTL consultants will visit and observe your class and give you feedback on any aspect of teaching and learning you choose to examine. Classroom observation consultations are intended to help with your development as an educator and are not meant to be used for purposes of tenure and promotion.

Review of Materials

Faculty may contact the CTL to request feedback on course-related documents, such as syllabi, Web sites, or assignments.  These reviews are aimed at helping you adjust or design the materials you use in your teaching and are not meant to be used for purposes of tenure and promotion, although you can use them as evidence for your teaching portfolio.

/Center for Teaching and Learning

The CTL is located on the 3rd floor of Courtright Memorial Library
p/ 614.823.1035
f/ 614.823.1921
e/ ctl@otterbein.edu


The CTL Studio
Courtright Memorial Library, 3rd Floor
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.,
or by appointment
p/ 614.823.1064
e/ ctl@otterbein.edu


CTL Staff
Kathryn Plank
p/ 614.823.1034
e/ kplank@otterbein.edu


Colin Saunders
Senior Learning Designer
p/ 614.823.1875
e/ csaunders@otterbein.edu


Peggy McMains
Program Coordinator
p/ 614.823.1035
e/ pmcmains@otterbein.edu


German Vargas Ramos
Learning Design Consultant
p/ 614.823.1065
e/ gvargasramos@otterbein.edu

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