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Student Research Fund

The Otterbein Student Research Fund (SRF) provides support to encourage research and creative work among current Otterbein undergraduate and graduate students. There are two types of grant offered:

  • The SRF-Research Grants provide up to $400 for costs associated with research and other scholarly or creative endeavors.  There are four deadlines each academic year for these awards.  The deadlines for the 2018/19 are Sept 20th, Nov 15th, Feb 14th, and April 11th. Deadlines for the upcoming 2019/20 year will be Sept 12th, Nov 7th, Feb 13th, and April 9th. Completed applications are due in the Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs by 4pm on those days. See the SRF-Research Grant page for further instructions.
  • The SRF-Presentation Grants provide up to $400 for costs associated with travel to a conference to present research or creative work.   These awards will be evaluated on a rolling basis throughout the academic year, and should be submitted as soon as the student has received notice that their presentation has been accepted by conference organizers.  See the SRF-Presentation Grant pagefor further instructions.

When preparing your application for either grant, remember that funds are limited and the selection process for the grants is competitive.  Both SRF-Research and SRF-Presentation Grant applications are evaluated by the Student Research Fund Committee, comprised of faculty members from a variety of disciplines.  If your project is not initially funded, you can resubmit with revisions at the next deadline.  Please keep in mind that the final deadline of the year has the least money available.

All student research projects must be consistent with the definition and standards of scholarship established by the department of the project’s discipline.

Student Research Fund FAQ

  • Who is eligible for an SRF Grant?

  • What will an SRF Grant pay for?

  • How long will I have to spend an SRF Grant?

  • Do I need to have a faculty advisor to apply for an SRF Grant?

  • Do I need to have held an SRF-Research Grant to apply for an SRF-Presentation Grant?

  • Can I share my award with another student?

  • What if there are multiple students all traveling to the same conference with SRF-Presentation Grants?

  • Can I get funding for a project that I've already started?

  • How many awards can I apply for?

  • How will I know if I receive an award?

  • I'm going on an Otterbein sponsored travel course, will the SRF help me pay for research on my trip?

  • Who should I contact with additional questions?

/Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs

Towers Hall
Rooms 12, 13 and 14
1 South Grove Street
Westerville, Ohio 43081
f/ 614.823.3101

/ Staff

Diane Nance, Director
p/ 614.823.1846
e/ dnance@otterbein.edu

Bridgette Cahalin, Development Associate
p/ 614.823.1845
e/ cahalin@otterbein.edu