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Faculty Advisor Responsibilities

The research and creative work supported by the Student Research Fund awards have the potential to be the most memorable experiences your students have as part of their Otterbein education. The primary role of the faculty member is to support the student in the design and execution of their project, but in order to keep the program running smoothly we need to ask faculty members to support our efforts as well. We aim to keep our demands as small as possible.

Letter of Support:

For all SRF-Research Grants, we ask for a letter of support from the faculty member. Our committee is comprised of members from across the disciplinary spectrum of Otterbein.  As such, we rely heavily on the opinions of the sponsoring faculty member for their opinion both about the importance of the work the student is proposing, and for an evaluation of the feasibility of the project. We ask that this letter be submitted with the rest of the application to minimize the chances that a student will be asked to apply for a later deadline due to incomplete paperwork. The more specific your letter, the better able we will be to make an accurate evaluation of the proposal.

Please keep in mind that if you have advised a number of SRF applicants in similar or related projects, it would be of great help to the committee if you use part of your letter to make it clear how the project you are recommending now is distinct from previous efforts.

Verification of Expenditures:

For both the SRF-Research and SRF-Presentation Grants, we ask that both the student and the faculty mentor sign all claims for payment or reimbursement. The process and forms necessary for claims on grant funds can be found on the Claiming Expenses page.  While you may be the student’s first port of call for help, we do not expect you to be an expert with these forms…if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Diane Nance (dnance@otterbein.edu, x1846) for help.

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