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Grants Received

Ranging widely from academic research to community education, grants strengthen the mission of Otterbein, support faculty achievement and student learning, and contribute to social justice and innovation in the central Ohio community.

Below are the grants that we received in the 2017 fiscal year (2016-2017):        

  • Ohio Department of Higher Education/ Canal Winchester Local Schools (CWLS) ($41,700- first year distribution $12,360)
    Ohio Department of Higher Education/ Educational Services Center (ESC)
    The Ohio Department of Higher Education has granted Canal Winchester Local Schools a "Straight A" grant, from which Otterbein has been contracted through CWLS and ESC. Dr. Kristen Bourdage, Dr. Clare Kilbane, and Dr. Dee Knoblach will provide on-site workshops at CWLS District, including: Taste of the 4Csc Communication and Collaboration, and Critical Thinking& Tech Tools for 4Cs Instruction.                                                                                                                                               
    Dr. Kristen Bourdage, Department of Education

  • U.S. Department of Education, Central Ohio English Leaner Education Collaborative ($101,566)
    The fifth and final year of the Central Ohio English Leaner Education Collaborative (COELEC) united key central Ohio community organizations, K-12 schools, and Otterbein University to provide effective programs to enrich the lives of English Learners through education. COELEC had three major goals: to better prepare 90 current classroom teachers, especially those who teach grades 6 through 12, to provide quality instructional support to English Language Learners; to better prepare all Otterbein teacher education students to support English Language Learners in K-12 classrooms; and to provide opportunities through financial support for 30 local English Language Learners to earn a paraprofessional or teaching license.

    Dr. Susan Constable, Department of Education

  • Iowa Campus Compact  ($2,000)
    The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) and the Promise House hosted a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Project to create a "day on" instead of a day off. Students, staff, and community members gathered on campus on January 17, 2017 to assemble soup-in-a-jar meals to be donated to the Promise House on campus and Westerville Area Resource Center (WARM) in the community. The event raised awareness about food insecurity on campus and in our community through a fun, interactive service experience. Our goal was to recruit 100 volunteers and provide 500 pounds of food to our partners.

    Dr. Melissa Gilbert, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning & Director, CCE

  • Women's Fund of Central Ohio, The Net ($10,000)
    The Otterbein Women's Leadership Network, known in the community as "The Net," provides a stream of educational, networking, and transformational leadership opportunities for girls, university students, and women community leaders. We mobilized over 700 participants and 90 organizations in our network through intergenerational opportunities. NET participants will develop a deeper understanding of how to navigate obstacles to their success while cultivating innovative leadership and advocacy skills.

    Dr. Melissa Gilbert, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning & Director, CC

  • National Endowment for the Arts, Between Us: Identity and Relationships in Tibetan Contemporary Art ($20,000)
    Between Us: Identity and Relationships in Tibetan Contemporary Art is a series of arts related events that explored the contemporary Tibetan art and culture, focusing on emergent identity and the relational edge between tradition and modernity. The visual arts component of the project included: 1) a public art exhibition featuring work by two prominent Tibetan artists and brothers, Tsherin Sherpa and Jamyang Tulku, who were trained in traditional Tibetan thangka painting and who now work in contemporary modalities; 2) public lectures by the artists; 3) an artist residency, including public demonstrations of their creative processes.

    Dr. Janice Glowski, Museum and Galleries Director, Art Department

  • The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation, Otterbein Community Gardens ($500)
    To increase education opportunities for Otterbein students, community members, and area youth, the Otterbein Community Garden will develop and implement new garden initiatives. Bee and butterfly houses will be placed at the garden. Bee houses provide places to raise young bees while butterfly shelters provide refuge in cold weather. Educational signs will allow garden visitors to learn more about pollinator plants, bees, butterflies, and the importance of both at a garden. Finally, curriculum on pollinator gardens will be developed, and youth programming will be provided throughout the summer and fall months.

    Stacey Rusterholz, Assistant Director, CCE

  • Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, The Martin W. Essex School for the Gifted and Talented (TM) at Otterbein University ($9,400)
    Otterbein University offered the Essex School for one week, June 18-24, 2017, and prioritized two needs to up to 40 of the states gifted students: 1) a secure and challenging learning environment designed for the intellectual and creative needs of gifted students, and 2) an experiential residential camp during which students were given the opportunity to socialize with and learn from their peers. Approximately 12 two-hour academic sessions were held over a six-day week to engage students in team-building, the arts, STEM, and societal topics. Sessions are designed to stretch students' understanding of the contemporary social and ethical questions, to investigate activities outside their comfort zone, and to more fully develop their comprehension and conceptions of "self."

    Dr. Paul Eisenstein, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

  • Ohio Campus Compact, The Cardinal Philanthropy Colloquium: Pay It Forward ($2,000)
    The Cardinal Philanthropy Colloquium engaged 18 students in philanthropy-based education to meet the critical community needs of 250 residents of central Ohio. Students participated in a service-learning course, offered in Sociology/INST, which imbeds the study of philanthropy, grant-making, research, volunteerism, and community advocacy. In alignment with course objectives, students volunteered for at least 15 hours at a local non-profit, providing direct services to clients and other beneficiaries. Many students had the opportunity to asses community needs, evaluate funding priorities for specific agencies based on student-designed criteria, reviewed funding requests, and made persuasive recommendations for future funding.

    Dr. Melissa Gilbert, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning & Director, CCE

  • State Library of Ohio
    Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), "Saving Face," Conservation and Preservation Grant
    Funds were used to restore and preserve the large framed class composite historical photo display from 1923 that hangs in Towers Hall. The glue holding the pictures up had deteriorated since the display was created, and pictures had started to detach and fall out of place inside the frame. The grant paid for restoration and preservation by the Intermuseum Conservation Association (ICA), as well as transportation of the composite.

    Stephen Grinch, Archivist

  • Ohio Department of Higher Education, Operation Physics (OP2) for Central Ohio Middle Grades Teachers 2016/17 ($97,939)
    The goal of this project was to develop an understanding of basic physics among teachers of students in grades 4-9. Teachers enrolled in 5 semester hours of graduate coursework through Otterbein University that provided them with sequences of inquiry activities, demonstrations, readings, and outside projects completed with their students. Teachers learned to recognize and challenge some common, naïve ideas in order to inspire student interest in physics concepts, encourage problem-solving, and improve student learning in topics specified by Ohio's Model Science Curriculum for Physical Science grades 4-8, and the Physical Science High School course. Teacher participants received approximately 90-100 hours of face-to-face instruction between the summer of 2017 and the spring of 2018. The course was team-taught by one full-time associate professor of Physics at Otterbein, and two full-time middle grades teachers (from Black River and Columbus City school districts) prepared to teach specific physical science units to peers, and to provide current insights on student responses to inquiry activities.

    Dr. David Robertson, Physics Department

  • Puffin Foundation West, Theatre of Conviction- Marion Correctional Institution ($2,000)
    Teaching theatre artist Jessie Glover will work with 16 incarcerated men at Marion Correctional Institution (MCI) in Marion, Ohio to rehearse and stage a new play. The play will be developed collaboratively and will feature theatrical scenes and personal storytelling as well as spoken word, rap, poetry, music, and dance. While the specific themes will crystallize during the spring, early plans are for the play to address the issue of what hope, change, and help look like for people impacted by the criminal justice system both inside and outside of prisons. Rehearsal will last approximately three months and will culminate in performances for both "inside" and "outside" audiences in the chapel at MCI. After the performances, the Theatre of Conviction team will evaluate and collect feedback on the production.

    Jessie Glover, Theatre and Dance

  • Horses and Humans Research Foundation, The Effects of Therapeutic Riding on Stress Levels in Young Adults with Autism ($8,492)
    The purpose of this project is to compare two different therapeutic interventions (therapeutic riding and stress management training) for effectiveness in promoting stress reduction in young adults with autism spectrum disorders. This research is designed to help us better understand the relationship of equine stress levels and participants' stress levels.

    Dr. Steffanie Burk, Equine Science, is completing a Subaward for the project director, Dr. Elizabeth Kemeny, Slippery Rock University

  • Ohio Arts Council, "The Most Beautiful Cemetery in Chile" Reader's Theatre ($1,000)
    Otterbein University presented reader's theatre performances in Mansfield and Oxford, Ohio of "The Most Beautiful Cemetery in Chile," by Chilean poet Christian Formoso. Dr. Hermsen and two of his colleagues, along with current Otterbein students and alumni, served as translators, scriptwriters, and actors, and participated in post-performance talkbacks.

    Dr. Terry Hermsen, English

  • The Columbus Foundation/ The Johnstone Fund for New Music, Society of Composers, Inc. Snapshot Conference at Otterbein ($1,000)
    A student chapter of Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI) has recently been established at Otterbein University. This group of young composers wanted to celebrate its founding by hosting a "Snapshot Conference" on campus the weekend of November 4-5, 2016. We invited members of SCI chapters at nearby schools (The Ohio State University, Ohio University, Cedarville University, and Heidelberg University) to join us in sharing the creation and presentation of new music. The event included presentations of concerts of works composed by the students, and Otterbein's faculty were on hand to facilitate discussions amongst the participants. The bass clarinet-marimba duo, Transient Canvas, was featured. This duo have extensive experience bringing new music to life; they have commissioned over 60 works and performed a repertoire almost exclusively written for them. Transient Canvas performed a concert to open the conference and held a reading session with student composers. They also worked with percussion and clarinet students.

    Dr. Jennifer Merkowitz, Music

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