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Art Faculty and Staff

Donald T. Austin

Office: 33 Collegeview, A115
p/ 614.823.1158
e/ daustin@otterbein.edu

Jim Bowling

Associate Professor
Office: 33 Collegeview, A130B
p/ 614.823.1268
e/ jbowling@otterbein.edu
w/ http://www.jimbowling.net/

Louise Captein

Associate Professor
Office:33 Collegeview, A118
p/ 614.823.1168
e/ lcaptein@otterbein.edu
w/ http://www.kenygalleries.com/images/ac-captein/captein-bio.html

Evelyn Davis-Walker

Associate Professor and Department Chairperson
Office: 33 Collegeview, A114
p/ 614.823.1252
e/ edavis@otterbein.edu
w/ www.evelyndavis.com

Susan Fagan

Adjunct Instructor
Office: 33 Collegeview
e/ sfagan@otterbein.edu

Janice Glowski

Museum and Galleries Director
Office: 33 Collegeview, A123
p/ 614-823-1185
e/ JGlowski@otterbein.edu

Nicholas Hill

Office: 33 Collegeview, A135
p/ 614.823.1258
e/ nhill@otterbein.edu
w/ www.nicholashill.net

Amanda Kline

Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: 33 Collegeview, A116
p/ 614-823-1165
e/ AKline@otterbein.edu
w/ https://vimeo.com/user16571660/videos

Amy Johnson

Associate Professor
Office: 33 Collegeview, A121
p/ 614.823.1260
e/ ajohnson@otterbein.edu

Jonathan Johnson

Associate Professor
Office: 33 Collegeview, A124
p/ 614.823.1166
e/ jjohnson@otterbein.edu
w/ www.jonathanjohnson.net

Diane Nance

Adjunct Instructor
Office: Towers Hall 13
p/ 614.823.1846
e/ dnance@otterbein.edu

Chaz O’Neil

Gallery and Museum Assistant, Art Collection Registrar
Office: 39 S. Vine, Frank Museum
p/ 614.818.9716
e/ coneil@otterbein.edu

Natalie Stoyle

Administrative Assistant
Office: 33 Collegeview, A117
p/ 614.823.1792
e/ nstoyle@otterbein.edu

/ Department of Art

The Department of Art is located at 
33 Collegeview Rd.

Office Hours
M - F: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
M - F: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (summer)

Evelyn Davis-Walker
p/ 614.823.1252
e/ edavis@otterbein.edu

Natalie Hess
Administrative Assistant
33 Collegeview Rd.
p/ 614.823.1792
e/ nhess@otterbein.edu 

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