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The ceramics program at Otterbein University offers you the opportunity to explore a variety of styles, themes and ideas in ceramics. You explore ceramic form in both a sculptural and vessel format, allowing you to discover your own interests and develop your own personal style. Students in ceramics learn about study the history of ceramics and ceramic form while exploring contemporary approaches, practices and themes. 

While discovering your style, you will also delve into material knowledge through hands-on experience such as glaze calculation and various types of kiln firing techniques. Students use an array of tools and techniques, including gas and electric kilns for low-fire and high-fire applications, raku kiln process, wheel throwing, hand building, and ceramic material calculation and formulation.

Ceramics Gallery


  • Clay work by Molly Parker Smith
  • Clay work by Adena Griffith
  • Clay work by Mark Nagel
  • Clay work by Alicia McGinty

/ Department of Art

The Department of Art is located at 
33 Collegeview Rd.

Office Hours
M - F: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Margarita Vilshanetskaya
Administrative Assistant
33 Collegeview Rd.
p/ 614.823.1792
e/ vilshanetskaya@otterbein.edu 

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