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Faculty and Staff

Kyriacos Aristotelous, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics
Office: 405 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1611
E-mail: KAristotelous@otterbein.edu

Brian Day, CPA

Instructor/Assistant Professor of Accounting
Office: 416 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1327
E-mail: BDay@otterbein.edu

Don E. Eskew, Ph.D.

Department Chair
Professor of Management and Human Resources
Office: 419 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1212
E-mail: DEskew@otterbein.edu

Hyuk Kim, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of International Business & Strategy
Office: 453 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1308
E-mail: HKim@otterbein.edu

Michael A. Levin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Marketing
Office: 415 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1299
E-mail: MLevin@otterbein.edu
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Yiyuan Liu (Ava), Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Office: 411 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1447
E-mail: Yliu1@otterbein.edu

Shirine L. Mafi, Ph.D.

Professor of Management
Office: 454 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1796
E-mail: SMafi@otterbein.edu

Allen M. Prindle, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics
Office: 412 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1481
E-mail: AMprindle@otterbein.edu

Candy Sikes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics
Office: 403 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1758
E-mail: CSikes@otterbein.edu

Charles G. Smith, Ph.D.

Professor of Management
Office: 413 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1892
E-mail: CSmith@otterbein.edu

Henry C. Smith, III, Ph.D., CMA, CFE, CCS

Associate Professor of Accountancy
Office: 402 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1298
E-mail: HCSmith@otterbein.edu

Dennis J. Whalen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Finance
Office: 406 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1161
E-mail: DWhalen@otterbein.edu

Teresa Piper

Academic Administrative Assistant
Office: 419 Roush Hall
Office Phone: 614.823.1310
E-mail: TPiper@otterbein.edu

/ Department of Business, Accounting and Economics

Dr. Don E. Eskew
Department Chair/Professor of Management and
Human Resources Management
Roush Hall 419
p/ 614.823.1212
e/ deskew@otterbein.edu

Mary Kay Beougher
Administrative Academic Assistant
Roush Hall 419
p/ 614.823.1310


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