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Business Analytics

In any given day, you are generating lots of data. You generate data by visiting websites, and posting status updates on Facebook and pictures on Instagram. You also generate data when you use a coupon or reward card. Your car, insurance, and credit car add to this data. A picture of you emerges.

Companies record your activities and purchase reports from data providers. By combing all this data into a single database, companies can develop products – goods and services – that fit this picture of you. This database is commonly referred to as Big Data. Companies recognize that the value of Big Data lies not with the data itself but the person who can recommend products by seeing a different a picture of you.

This person that creates the value is known as a Business Analysis, and their specialty is known as Business Analytics. Business Analytics comprises a variety of activities and requires knowledge and skill in statistics, written communication, presentation, marketing, finance among many fields. Business Analytics reflects professional development in a liberal arts tradition.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, analytics profession will increase by more than 20% in the next 10 years with an expected median salary of more than $60,000.  Students can find internships and employment in a variety of fields including politics, retail and distribution, finance, insurance, banking, and many other areas.

Your studies at Otterbein will prepare you to work in a wide variety of positions in organizations of all sizes.

Preparing You to STAND Out for Life

We believe that a well-rounded liberal arts education combined with the technical skills obtained from a business analytics major will best equip the student to maximize their career and individual potential upon graduation. Students develop their social and communication skills, including reading, writing, listening and speaking through a variety of liberal art studies, and by participating in classroom discussions, composing business documents, participating in team activities, giving oral reports, and multiple assignments.  Students are always encouraged and coached in a way that strengthens student skill development and student self-assessment and resulting confidence.


Marketing Analytics Minor

The Marketing Analytics minor links managerial recommendations to quantified support. Students learn skills related to analysis, writing, presentation, and business statistics. The Marketing Analytics minor is ideal for students who are majoring in Economics, Finance, or Journalism & Media Communication.

Otterbein's marketing analytics program is outstanding.
I have felt so prepared for this position.

Gena DiMattio, marketing intern at Express

Business, Accounting
& Economics

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    Academic Administrative Assistant
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