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Public Relations

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Here's what you'll do in the Public Relations major:
  • Conduct media relations.
  • Communicate using social media tools.
  • Plan events.
  • Strategically protect the image of organizations.

Do you like to take on leadership roles? Enjoy planning and promoting events? Have talents that include writing, speaking, and organizing? Find that you are versatile with diverse interests and want to combine them in unique ways?

The answers to these questions might lead you to major or minor in public relations at Otterbein. From high-level strategy to down-to-earth tactics, you will learn and practice the elements of public relations necessary to strategically uphold the image and reputation of an organization.

You might:

  • Write a press release and hold a news conference;
  • Plan and execute a grand-opening event;
  • Launch a campaign using social media;
  • Handle a crisis;
  • Write speeches;
  • Design annual reports; or
  • Create an employee newsletter.

Beginning in your freshman year, through integrated coursework combining public relations, journalism, and other academic interest areas, you will learn valuable public relations strategies, tactics and problem-solving methods, develop strong writing skills, and plan and execute campaigns for real clients.

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