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JTIR Author Instructions

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General Guidelines

Material should be original, accurate, editorially correct. They may not submitted for review elsewhere. The format of headings, citations, and references should follow APA style as described in the current Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition.


Authors will assign copyright of any article published in the eJournal to Otterbein University. Permission is granted to make hard copies of the articles as long as the use falls under the guidelines of Fair Use (materials used for personal or classroom use and not for profit) and if the author, title of the article, the journal and notice of copyright appears on each copy.

Review Procedure

The review process is an online peer-review system. The editors will acknowledge receipt of the manuscript and determine if the manuscript is worthy of blind review (see rubric ). After reading the manuscript, each reviewer will determine the rating: 1 = not acceptable, 2 = may be acceptable with extensive revision, 3 = probably acceptable with minor revisions, 4 = definitely acceptable, publish. After receiving the results of the reviewers, the editors determine the final publication list. Topic, visual appeal, and audience, for example, can determine the final contents of the journal.


All submissions must be sent in electronic form to the editor, Dr. Dee Knoblauch at dknoblauch@otterbein.edu. No hard copy submission papers will be accepted. Do NOT submit compressed files, and do not use any word processing options/tools such as strike through, comments, etc. The submission deadline is July 15.

Since this is a blind review, please do not use your name on the document or in the file name. Do include your name and daytime phone number in the email in which you are attaching the manuscript.

Submitters are encouraged to format the publication for optimum visual presentation on the Internet. When a manuscript is accepted for publication, the manuscript will be converted to a read-only portable document file (.pdf) by the editor.


To submit your manuscript, first download and follow the instructions provided for  formatting your manuscript submission in Word 2003 or Word 2007. Right click on the link that indicates the version of word you are using and select "Save Target As" to download. Then open and read.

These instructions linked above will require you to download the JTIR template to format your document.

After you have followed the instructions and formatting your manuscript, submit it in either of the following formats via email attachment to Dr. Dee Knoblauch dknoblauch@otterbein.edu
· DOC – Microsoft Word (preferred)
· RTF – Rich Text Format

Text should be single spaced, double spaced between paragraphs, no paragraph indent, size 12 font, Times New Roman, and between 1500-3000 words (6-12 pages).

Use margins: 1 inch top and bottom, 1 inch right and left margins. Insert page numbers (top right).

DO NOT use headings or footers.

DO NOT use the space bar to align your references. Left justify references and do not attempt to use indents.

All graphics and tables should be embedded in the document file in the correct location and have clear descriptive captions below the embedded graphic. Do not use APA guidelines for tables and figures.

The first page should include a single spaced, flush left, 150-200 word abstract. A picture inserted next to the title is recommended.

Provide an auto-generated table of contents on the first page. See the template for explanation.

For the reference section, include only works cited. The subtitle should be "Works Cited." Follow APA guidelines.

General Evaluation Criteria

  1. The topic of the manuscript addresses the mission and objectives of the Otterbein eJournal.
  2. The manuscript follows format guidelines described above.
  3. The topic should add to or support the current knowledge base or offer a new perspective to teaching and learning.
  4. The tone of the writing is interesting and readable; the author’s voice is welcome.
  5. The manuscript is written with clarity of presentation and organization of ideas.
  6. The manuscript is visually rich with photographs, text boxes, and other multimedia.

Reviewers’ Rubric for Evaluating Submitted Manuscripts

Reviewers and the editors will use this rubric.

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The Department of Education is located in Roush Hall Room 430.

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