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Field Experiences and Student Teaching

As teacher candidates progress through their degree program at Otterbein University they will have multiple opportunities to work with children in the PreK-12 environment. Candidates practice increasingly challenging tasks required of a teacher, culminating in their final year with a twelve-week (minimum) full-time student teaching experience.  

Criminal Background Reports

Teacher candidates are required to regularly obtain updated FBI and BCI criminal background reports. These are the same reports required of all practicing educators. Current FBI and BCI background reports must be on file with the Office of Field Experiences and Teacher Candidate Support when placed in a school for field experiences or student teaching. 

Early Field Experiences

Undergraduate teacher candidates complete 165-245 contact hours (based upon licensure program)  in classroom-based field experiences prior to student teaching. Each placement is embedded within a course, enabling candidates to put into practice what they are learning. Field experiences provide candidates with opportunities to work in a variety of school settings, and with diverse populations of learners. Questions about the content of specific course-embedded field experiences should be directed to the professor of that course.

Some of our early course-embedded field experiences include:

  • EDUC 1600: Study of the School (45 hours)
  • EDUC 2000/2200: Educational Psychology (20 hours)
  • EDUC 3200: Early Childhood Methods, 3410 and 3420: Middle Childhood Methods, and 3700: Adolescent-Young Adult Methods (70-100 hours depending upon course)
  • Additional hours are required for methods and pedagogy courses across specific programs. See specific course descriptions for details.

Student Teaching Experience

As teacher candidates approach the conclusion of their preparation program to become a teacher they will complete a full-time, full-semester student teaching experience. During their student teaching semester candidates will also complete the SYE seminar. Student teaching offers teacher candidates an opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learned throughout their teacher preparation program. While student teaching, teacher candidates become fully immersed in a teacher’s duties and the life of the school.

For additional information concerning field experiences, student teaching, or background checks please contact Fred Fastenau at 614-823-1301 or ffastenau@otterbein.edu or visit the Office of Field Experiences and Teacher Candidate Support in Roush Hall, room 435.

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The Department of Education is located in Roush Hall Room 430.

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