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What's Happening

Fall 2015 Events

Welcome Back Pizza Picnic
Thurs, Aug 27 ~ 4-5:00 pm
 ~ Towers Lawn (or Towers 112, in case of rain)
Celebrate the beginning of a new year by welcoming incoming majors and reconnecting with returning folks over free pizza. Learn how to get involved with Fusion, Sigma Tau Delta, Quiz & Quill, and upcoming internship opportunities, and get more details about what's happening in the department this year. 

Quiz & Quill's Micro-Chapbook Writing Workshop
Thurs, Sep 10 ~ 4-6:00 pm ~ Fusion Studio (60 Collegeview)
QQ staff will facilitate a multi-genre workshop for writers who are interested in experimenting with micro-fiction, micro-essays, prose poetry, and short dramatic monologues for the Fall 2015 micro-chapbook. 

Writers & Scholars Series: Film Studies Visiting Scholar Timothy Corrigan

Open Class Session in ENGL 1175: Studies in Film 
Thurs, Sep 17 ~ 2-3:45 pm ~ Towers 239
Discussion of first-person documentary films with Dr. Timothy Corrigan, Professor of English and Cinema Studies at University of Pennsylvania, and author of The Films of Werner Herzog: Between Mirage and HistoryWriting About FilmAmerican Cinema of the 2000sThe Essay Film: After Montaigne, as well as several other collections of film analyses and theory.

Writers & Scholars Series: Film Studies Visiting Scholar Timothy Corrigan
The Inessential Self: Sarah Polley's Stories We Tell 
Thurs, Sep 17 ~ 4-5:00 pm ~ Towers 112
Sarah Polley's remarkable 2012 Stories We Tell is an interrogation of self and a search for a father, a documentary about a mother, a home movie about memory, a personal tale about a childhood, and a historical drama about family. In the end, Canadian actress and director Polley's award-winning film may ultimately be about cinematic representation itself: how it captures, distorts, and provokes wonderfully unsettling questions about who we are, where we come from, and what matters most in how we answer those questions. 

Professional Development Series: Thinking Grad School
Mon, Sep 21 ~ 4:30-5:30 pm ~ Towers 119

Learn the answers to everything you didn't know to ask about graduate school in English studies: why you should never pay for grad school, the wide variety among types of English studies programs, how to find the right program for you, how to request the best letters of recommendation, etc. 

Sigma Tau Delta's Very Harry Potter Party
Fri, Oct 2 ~ 8:00 pm ~ Fusion Studio (60 Collegeview)
Join Sigma Tau Delta's masquerade celebration of the wonder of Harry Potter.

Fusion Studio's "The Monologue & Beyond: Dramatic Writing Workshop"
Sat, Oct 3 ~ 1-5:00 pm ~ Fusion Studio (60 Collegeview)
Join us for an afternoon of dramatic writing workshops exploring the "I and the Not I." Choose from a palette of writing exercises conducted by both faculty and students, from both English and Theater in writing dramatic monologues, in-your-own-voice monologues, and possibly mini-plays, followed by sessions in performance and a closing reading.

Artist's Series and Writers & Scholar Series Poet Christian Formoso
"The Most Beautiful Cemetery in Chile: A Bilingual Reading" 
Tues, Nov 3 ~ 6-7:30 pm
~ Fusion Studio (60 Collegeview)
Poetry reading by Christian Formoso from his book, as co-translated by Otterbein faculty member Terry Hermsen and Otterbein alum Sydney Tammarine. This book has garnered many honors, including the Pablo Neruda Prize in 2009. Poems will be heard in both languages, with some discussion and examples illustrating the tricky nature of translation.  

Artist's Series and Writers & Scholar Series Poet Christian Formoso
"The Eye of Yo: Personal Voice in Latin American Poetry"

Wed, Nov 4 ~ 4:30-6:00 pm ~ Fusion Studio (60 Collegeview)
U.S. poets so often couch their poetry in their own voice, making frequent use of the personal "I," yet this is often not the case for poets in the rest of the world. In Spanish, the "I of the Yo" is not necessary at all for constructing sentences. Christian will address this issue in his own poetry, as well as that of other Latin American writers, and we'll explore this intriguing conflict via an interactive writing exercise as well. 

English Studies Conference
Sat, Nov 14 ~ Towers 110
Plan to attend the second annual English Studies Conference featuring current students' panel discussions and literary readings focused on their Literary Studies, Film Studies, and Creative Writing passions.

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