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Majors and Minors

The Department of History and Political Science offers five degree programs:


The History curriculum cultivates an understanding of the past on its own terms and the myriad connections between the past and the present. It challenges students to comprehend history as an analytical reconstruction of the past based on evidence and to develop their ability to construct historical arguments. Learn more.

Political Science

The Political Science program encourages students to explore the nature of political ideas and theories in both American and comparative frameworks. It challenges students to analyze and critique political structures and to understand competing and diverse political perspectives. Learn more.

Global Studies (major only)

The Global Studies major helps students appreciate and understand today’s increasingly intercultural world and the interconnections that link citizens across the world. The program promotes learning and knowledge about the cultural, social, political and economic forces shaping our world. Learn more.

Public Administration

The Public Administration program equips students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in preparation for employment in the public sector (government and non-profits). The program introduces students to the principles and strategies of administration, human organization, motivation, leadership, and budgeting and policy evaluation. Learn more.

Legal Studies/Pre-Law (minor only)

The Legal Studies interdisciplinary minor introduces students to various types of law, legal reasoning, and constitutional analysis, as well as critical thinking and reasoning skills. Learn more.

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