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Careers and Graduate School

Careers and Graduate School

Women's Studies

Find a Job

A national study by Barbara Leubke and Mary Ellen Reilly (Women’s Studies Graduates: The First Generation 1995) found that students with undergraduate degrees in women's and gender studies are employed in over three dozen occupational fields. These fields include advocacy work, art, business, education, government, journalism, law, library and information science, music, public relations, social work, and theater.

If you'd like to find out more about the kinds of employment open to women’s and gender studies students, visit the following web sites:

Career Options for Women's Studies Majors (Michigan State University)

Women's Studies Careers and Life Choices (University of Massaschusetts)

If you're specifically interested in non-profit and feminist advocacy work, visit the following web sites:

Feminist Majority Foundation Career Center



Opportunity Knocks: Non-Profit Opportunities

If you're looking for job opportunities and job search tips for women, visit the following web sites:

Job Searching Resources for Women (from About.com)

The National Council for Research on Women

To find out more about general employment opportunities after graduation, be sure to visit the Otterbein Center for Career Planning.

Think about Graduate School

There are a number of universities that offer master’s and doctoral degrees in women’s and gender studies. Many also offer graduate degrees in specific academic disciplines with a focus on women’s and gender issues.

The web sites below provide state-by-state listing of available programs in the United States, as well as some information about international programs.

Women's Studies Programs, Departments, & Research Centers (UMBC Women’s Studies Database)

Graduate Programs in Women's Studies (Smith University)

Artemis Guide to Women’s Studies in the U.S.

Please talk more with Tammy Birk, the Program Director, if you have questions about the graduate application and admission process in women's and gender studies.

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