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Film Studies Minor

The Film Studies minor will give you a chance to explore the power of cinema. You’ll study innovative forms, definitive genres, iconic directors, and groundbreaking films. In addition, you’ll analyze the cultural contexts that shape films, dive into film theory and criticism, and enter the worlds films create. This is an interdisciplinary minor housed in the English department.

Minor Requirements ~ 16 semester hours

  1. Engl 1175 Special Topics in Film
  2. Fmst 2280 Cinema: History, Theory, and Criticism
  3. And two of the following:
    • Engl 2264 Intermediate Screenwriting
    • Fmst 3280  Studies in Directors or Movements
    • Fmst 3281 Film and Cultural Studies

Note: With permission of the English Department chairperson, one film course taught in another department or program can count toward the minor.

Spring Semester Film Course

FMST 2280 Film History/Criticism/Theory
TR 2-3:45 ~ Steigman ~ open to all students ~
contact ksteigman@otterbein.edu to enroll.

How do films tell stories? And how do viewers “read” those stories? This course will immerse you in the worlds and language of film. We will screen a series of iconic films by major directors -- Orson Welles, Billy Wilder, John Huston, Francis Ford Coppola, Roman Polanski and Jean-Luc Godard. Films like Citizen Kane, Sunset Boulevard, Breathless and The Conversation. We will read the work of groundbreaking film critics and essays on the semiotics of film, narrative cinema, the genre film, mise en scene, editing, sound, and the auteur. In addition, the course will include a genre-and-criticism case study of melodrama or the "woman’s picture." In this mini-unit we will screen King Vidor’s Stella Dallas, Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca, and Jane Campion’s In the Cut alongside a series of foundational essays in feminist film theory. 


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