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Mathematics Information

Frequently Asked Questions About Mathematics

Q. I would like to be a math teacher. Does Otterbein have a program for this?
A. Otterbein offers teacher licensure in Integrated Mathematics, which allows you to teach grades 7-12. Contact the Department of Education for details.

Q. What can I do with a math degree?
A. Mathematics is an essential part of many different career fields. Many students with Bachelors or Masters degrees in mathematics find jobs in industry or government in such fields as aerospace, electronics, communications, insurance, and banking. Operations research is a growing field in which mathematics is applied to industrial problems of resource allocation, production scheduling, and distribution. There is also consistent demand for statisticians in government, industry, and education.

Q. I do not intend to major in math. How many math courses am I required to take?
A. Mathematics requirements vary by degree. The Bachelor of Science degree, for instance, requires mathematics through Calculus II while the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree requires no mathematics at all. The number of courses you need to take also depends on your score on Otterbein's mathematics placement exam taken during summer orientation.

Q. Why do I have to take a math placement exam?
A. Remember the story about the three bears? We want to be sure your first mathematics course at Otterbein is neither too easy nor too difficult, but just right for you. We want you to succeed so we offer courses at several different levels. High school and college courses with similar names vary greatly in topics and/or in the dept of coverage for corresponding topics. Placement exams are a better indicator of your mathematical maturity, and are used everywhere.

Q. What if I have a bad math day and do poorly on the math placement exam; can I take it again?
A. No, the placement exam can be taken only once. If you feel your placement exam score does not reflect your true level of mathematical maturity, you may request to take the final exam of a specific course for possible placement into the next higher course.

Mathematics Resources


Math tutoring at Otterbein is provided by the Academic Support Center. It is located on the 2nd floor of the Courtright Memorial Library. The Math Specialist is Ann Biancamano, 614.823.1823.


Professional Organizations

  • American Statistical Association
    1429 Duke Street
    Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3402
    (703) 684-1221
    Web site: http://www.amstat.org/
  • Association for Women in Mathematics
    4114 Computer & Space Sciences Building
    University of Maryland
    University Park, Maryland 20742-2461
    (301) 405-7892
    E-mail: awm@math.umd.edu
    Web site: http://www.awm-math.org/
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    1906 Association Drive
    Reston, VA 22091-1593
    (703) 620-9840
    Web site: http://www.nctm.org/
  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
    3600 University City Science Center
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-2688
    (215) 382-9800
    E-mail: siam@siam.org
    Web site: http://www.siam.org/

Mathematics Education Resources

  • Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education
    1929 Kenny Road
    Columbus, OH 43210-1079
    Web site: http://www.goenc.com/
  • The Math Forum
    3210 Cherry Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
    (800) 756-7823
    Web site: http://mathforum.org/
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    1906 Association Drive
    Reston, VA 22091-1593
    (703) 620-9840
    Web site: http://www.nctm.org/


/ Department of Mathematical Sciences

Tess Schwarz
Academic Administrative Assistant
Towers Hall 124
p / 614.823.1218
e / tschwarz@otterbein.edu


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