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Careers in Teaching

Spanish Majors

  • Spanish Teacher for Private Schools
  • Spanish Instructor for Private Organizations
  • Elementary School Teacher (with state licensure)
  • Secondary School Teacher (with state licensure)

Academic Preparation for Graduate Studies (MA and/or PhD)

  • Languages, Literatures, and/or Linguistics
  • Second-Language Acquisition
  • French, Francophone, or Hispanic, Latino/a Studies, Chicano/a Studies

Careers Outside of Teaching

Some careers outside of teaching include: Interpreter/Translator, Foreign Language Researcher, International Airport Customer Representative, International Flight Attendant, Peace Corps Officer, Overseas Tour Guide, Foreign Languages Textbook Editor/Representative, and many others. Learn about additional careers.

Preparing for Jobs in Foreign Languages

According to Rivers (see reference below, pp. 1-13), employment opportunities in foreign languages are determined by:

  • the professional area,
  • the language,
  • the level of language skill,
  • the improvement, and
  • maintenance of language skills.

Seelye and Day (see reference below) indicate that professions in the following business sectors can be greatly enhanced by the knowledge of (a) foreign language(s):

  • Commerce and business,
  • library and information science,
  • human services,
  • journalism and mass communications,
  • the entertainment industry,
  • health care,
  • travel and tourism,
  • local and federal government, and
  • language intensive jobs.

Current Resources on Foreign Language Jobs

At Courtright Memorial Library:

  • DeGalan, Julie, and S. Lambert. Great Jobs for Foreign Language Majors. Lincolnwood, IL: NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group, 2000. (P60.D44)
  • Rivers, W., and M. Duffy. Opportunities in Foreign Language Careers. Lincolnwood: NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group, 1998. (P60.R5)
  • Seelye, H. N., and J. L. Day. Careers for Foreign Language Aficionados and Other Multilingual Types. New York: McGraw Hill, 2000. (P60.2.U6S4)
  • Segal, Nina, and Eric Kocher. International Jobs. New York: Basic Books, 2003. (HF5549.5.E45 S44 2003)
Online/Paper Publications
  • Current Jobs International
  • "The National Employment Bulletin in the Foreign Language and International Affairs Professions"
Department Job File

The department also keeps track of job announcements and descriptions that have been advertised in various sources to offer students an idea of what professional sectors recommend/require foreign language skills. Check the department bulletin board or contact the department for further details.


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