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Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Faculty

Part-Time, Adjunct Faculty & Staff

Victoria Frisch

Part-Time Assistant Professor (American Sign Language)
e/ vfrisch@otterbein.edu
Office: 172 W. Main St., 209

Angela Moore

Part-time Faculty (ASL)
e/ ammoore@otterbein.edu
Office: 172 W. Main St., 209

Luis Perez, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor
e/ lperez@otterbein.edu
Office: 172 W. Main St., 209

Chiyo Popeko

Part-time faculty (Japanese)
e/ cpopeko@otterbein.edu

Amy Strawser, Ph.D.

p/ 614.823.1262
e/ astrawser@otterbein.edu
Office: Towers 328

Patti Welch

Administrative Assistant
p/ 614.823.1361 
e/ pwelch@otterbein.edu
Office: Towers 209

/ Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Paul Eisenstein, Chair
e/ peisenstein@otterbein.edu
p/ 614.823.1609

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