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Majors and Minors

Music Majors

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre (B.F.A.)

  • Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.)

  • Bachelor of Music in Performance

  • Music and Business (B.A.)

  • Individualized Major

Music Minors

  • Arts Administration

  • Audio Production

  • Music

Program Requirements

  • Acceptance to the department for all music students is by audition.
  • Continuation in the music program is determined by jury exams and the results of the sophomore conference (an interview with the full-time faculty and the student's adjunct music instructor, if applicable) to be held normally at the end of the fifth quarter of study, but no later than the first quarter of the junior year.
  • The results of the sophomore conference may be:
    • Continuation;
    • Continuation on probation with specified deficiencies to be remedied and demonstrated at a reexamination;
    • Continuation with a change of degree program or curricular emphasis; or
    • Non-continuation.
  • A minimum grade of "C" is required in all music courses. If a grade lower than "C" is earned in any music course, the course must be repeated in order to count toward the major.
  • Candidates for all degree programs must play or sing creditably in regular recitals of the department and participate in one or more of the campus major musical ensembles during each quarter they are enrolled as associated with their principal instrument(s), or specified by their degree program.
  • Students must register for Piano Class or Applied Piano until the Piano Proficiency Exam is passed.

/ Department of Music

Dennis Davenport
Battelle Fine Arts Center
p/ 614.823.3138
e/ ddavenport@otterbein.edu

Conni Birri

Operations Manager
Battelle Fine Arts Center
p/ 614.823.1508
e/ cbirri@otterbein.edu

Claire Brock
Program Manager
Battelle Fine Arts Center
p/ 614.823.1504
e/ cbrock@otterbein.edu

Elizabeth Doyle
Arts Counselor
102 W. College Ave, Westerville
p/ 614.823.1219 or
e/ edoyle@otterbein.edu

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