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Additional Requirements

Health Problems Policy

Student are responsible for informing faculty about health alterations and/or conditions which may affect safety and competency in the clinical setting. Students are required to submit a faculty-specified doctor's/health professional's statement on appropriate letterhead regarding status of this health condition before participating in clinical experiences to the student's instructor.

Students are also responsible to inform clinical instructor's about any conditions including but not limited to pregnancy, skin not intact or immunocompromised conditions that may affect their clinical assignments to clients with serious communicable diseases. If the student is uncertain, the student should discuss question(s) with faculty. Confidentiality of information will be maintained.

Fees/Expenses Policy

In addition to tuition, other fees are required. See the complete schedule of fees on the Business Office site.

Department of Nursing Undergraduate Handbook

Provides guidelines and policies related to the nursing program. Students are expected to read and abide by the policies. The handbook is available on the Department of Nursing intranet site on My O-Zone.

/ Department of Nursing

Undergraduate Program

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Science Center 236
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Graduate Programs
Maureen Kaiser
Science Center 236
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