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Physics Major with 3+2 Cooperative Engineering

This major allows you to pursue a physics major while at Otterbein and complete an engineering degree at a cooperating institution.

This program gives you the opportunity to study at Otterbein for three years and then pursue engineering for two more years at either Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio or Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri (your choice). At the end of five years, you will earn a B.A. in physics from Otterbein and a B.S. in the selected field of engineering from the partner school. In order to receive the Otterbein degree, the student must submit an official transcript from Case or Washington showing completion of the engineering degree. Hours will be transferred to the Otterbein transcript record in order to fulfill total hours needed for the Otterbein degree.

Students in this program are liberally educated engineers, benefiting from both the focus on the liberal arts and sciences at Otterbein and the specialized training available at a large university. In many ways it is the best of both worlds. An advantage of this program over traditional engineering programs is that you need not commit yourself to the study of engineering in the freshman year. This flexibility is especially useful for students whose interests may span several areas; it allows you to explore multiple options before committing to a specific course of study.

The program is rigorous, and to complete it in five years, you must qualify to take Calculus I (MATH 1700) in Fall semester of your freshman year. Interested students are strongly advised to contact the department before the start of their freshman year to make sure they are on track for the program.

Requirements are identical to that of a Physics BA, although students are advised to take introductory Chemistry in addition to their required courses.  See the Physics BA for details.