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New Engineering Physics Major

The Physics Department is proud to roll out a new major, in conjunction with the Systems Engineering department at Otterbein: the Physics Engineering major, for students who are interested in both the fundamental and practical parts physical systems. More information here.

Neutrinos Win 2016 Nobel Prize and 2016 Breakthrough Prize

Dr. Nathaniel Tagg is one of the hundreds of recipients of the Breakthrough prize, and was a collaborator on the experiment that one this year's Nobel prize!  Read about it here.

Professor Receives National Science Foundation grant

Dr. Nathaniel Tagg, associate professor of Physics, received a $113,000 renewal grant from the National Science Foundation for his project, "RUI: Neutrino Experiments with the NuMI Beam." Dr. Tagg and two undergraduate student researchers will study neutrino interactions and oscillations with the NuMI beam at Fermilab, Illinois, using the MINOS and MINERVA experiments. These experiments are large collaborations of over 100 scientists devoted to the study of fundamental particle properties.