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Faculty and Staff

  • Michele Acker, Ph.D.

    Professor, Psychology
    p/ 614.823.1365
    e/ macker@otterbein.edu
    Office: Psychology House 101

    Michele Acker is a professor of psychology, with emphases in social psychology, industrial organizational psychology, and personality. She received her doctorate in social psychology from the University of Michigan. Dr. Acker's areas of expertise are in close personal relationships, social stereotyping, the scholarship of teaching, and social influences involving the internet. Some of her research examines perceptions of intimacy between relationship partners and the role that suspicion and trust play in relationships. She teaches courses in general psychology, social psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, psychology of women, personality, and research methods. In 2000, she won the junior faculty teaching award.
  • Meredith Frey, Ph.D.

    p/ 614.823.1698
    e/ MFrey@otterbein.edu
    Office: Psychology House 102

    Meredith Frey is an associate professor and experimental/quantitative psychologist with research interests in human intelligence. Two basic questions guide her work: 1) Why are some people more intelligent than others, and 2) How can we fairly measure intelligence, without also measuring learned information? She has received a grant from the U. S. Army Research Institute to develop a battery of fairly simple reaction time tasks that can be used to predict complex outcomes, like academic achievement or job performance, and can be used in place of traditional, more culturally laden, assessments. Dr. Frey teaches classes in Research Methods, Statistics, General Psychology, and Intelligence. Dr. Frey received the 2009 New Teacher of the Year award. Read the Opportunities Abound for Research article from Towers Magazine about Meredith's research.
  • Denise Hatter-Fisher, Ph.D.

    p/ 614.823.1987
    e/ DHatter@otterbein.edu
    Office: Psychology House 202

    Denise Y. Hatter-Fisher is a professor of psychology. She received her doctorate from The Ohio State University's Department of Psychology in the area of counseling psychology. As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Hatter-Fisher has provided service for a diverse clientele, including the elderly. Her academic research addresses alexithymia and self-regulation as well as quality of life issues for people of color. Her areas of expertise include women's issues, multicultural psychology, and psychophysiology. She teaches courses in abnormal psychology, psychotherapy, personality, human stress, advanced research, and multicultural psychology.
  • Robert Kraft, Ph.D.

    p/ 614.823.1473
    e/ RKraft@otterbein.edu
    Office: Psychology House 203

    Robert Kraft is a professor of Cognitive Psychology, teaching courses in memory, cognition, decision making, personality, research methods, and the self. After receiving his doctorate, Kraft worked in private industry as a decision analyst in Washington, D.C. and then became a professor of psychology, conducting a 15-year research program on the psychology of film. Following that, Kraft began studying deeply traumatic memory and its aftereffects at the Fortunoff Video Archive at Yale University, which resulted in the critically acclaimed book, Memory Perceived: Recalling the Holocaust. His ongoing research programs examine emotional memory, accuracy in long-term memory, concepts of self, and the psychology of perpetrators, with a focus on the testimony of victims and perpetrators given to truth commissions. In 2005, he won the award for Teacher of the Year.

    Follow Dr. Robert Kraft's blog on PsychologyToday.com
  • Cynthia Laurie-Rose, Ph.D.

    p/ 614.823.1465
    e/ claurie-rose@otterbein.edu
    Office: Psychology House 204

    Cynthia Laurie-Rose is a professor of experimental psychology, with expertise in perception, physiological psychology, research methods, and the history of psychology. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati in the area of experimental psychology, with an emphasis in perception and cognition. Dr. Laurie-Rose has published articles in the areas of form perception and sustained attention and is currently pursuing research in factors associated with both adult and childhood attention. She teaches courses in general psychology, experimental methods, physiological psychology, perception, advanced research, and history & systems.
  • Meredith Meyer, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor
    p/ 614.823.1581
    e/ mmeyer@otterbein.edu
    Office: Psychology House 103

    Dr. Meyer is a developmental psychologist, with a focus on cognitive development in the early childhood years. After receiving her Ph.D., she worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the psychology department at the University of Michigan. Dr. Meyer researches the ways in which typically-developing children categorize the social- and non-social world, and how this categorization influences other cognitive processes like stereotyping, gender development, and language use. She also researches how children’s and adults’ beliefs about talent (e.g., assuming it is natural and unchangeable vs. flexible) impact achievement. Dr. Meyer teaches classes in Child and Adolescent Development, Lifespan Development, and Research Methods.
  • Noam Shpancer, Ph.D.

    p/ 614.823.1515
    e/ NShpancer@otterbein.edu
    Office: Psychology House 201

    Noam Shpancer is a professor of psychology. He received his Ph.D. at Purdue University, with specialty areas in clinical and developmental psychology. Dr. Shpancer's research interests center on various dimensions of the home-daycare link, including parent-caregiver relations, people's childcare attitudes and perceptions, and children's adaptation across contexts. He is a licensed, practicing clinical psychologist, with a clinical specialty in the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders. He teaches introductory psychology, child development, personality, abnormal psychology, human sexuality, assessment, advanced research, and health psychology. In 2001, he won the junior faculty teaching award.

    Follow Dr. Noam Shpancer's blog on PsychologyToday.com

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Kelly Miller
Psychology House
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