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Graduate Schools and Careers

Graduate School

With a sociology major, Otterbein graduates have an excellent chance of being accepted into a graduate degree program in sociology, as well as in such areas as psychology, law, business, social work, theology, public administration, anthropology, international studies, hospital administration, and many of the sciences.


What can you do with a degree in sociology or anthropology? The combination of concrete knowledge, insight and understanding, and specific skills and methods gained by majors and minors prepares students for a variety of professional career options. These include:

  • Law-related work including enforcement, rights advocacy, and paralegal work
  • Teaching at all levels, especially in underserved schools or overseas
  • Cultural interpretation and language services including translation
  • Research and planning for nonprofits or government agencies
  • Politics, activism, lobbying, and public administration
  • Gerontology and professional caregiving services
  • Social work, public health and counseling
  • Public education and museum exhibit design
  • Medical careers and health advocacy
  • Journalism and travel writing
  • Business and marketing
The following sites provide information to those students interested in exploring career opportunities in sociology, anthropology, and related disciplines:

Professional Organizations

Current and prospective students are strongly encouraged to examine the following sites. They have good information on research topics, careers and graduate schools and will also give you an understanding of how the discipline works in the "real world."


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