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Pre-Medicine Early Assurance Osteopathic Medicine

Otterbein Offers Pre-Medicine Early Assurance Program

Osteopathic MedicineOtterbein is partnering with the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine to attract highly talented high school students into an Early Assurance Program aimed at increasing the pipeline of primary care physicians practicing in Ohio.

Within the next decade, experts predict a national shortage of more than 45,000 primary care physicians, with residents of rural or inner city medically under-served areas of Ohio feeling some of the greatest effects. Approximately 50 percent of Heritage College alumni practice in primary care and nearly 60 percent practice in Ohio, making the school uniquely positioned to help address these projected shortages.

According to the American Osteopathic Association, osteopathic medicine is one of the fastest-growing health professions, with one out of five medical students enrolled in a college of osteopathic medicine.

Students accepted to Otterbein's Early Assurance Program have the option of a 3+4 track or 4+4 track. The 3+4 fast-track of the Early Assurance Program ensures early graduation from Otterbein in selected majors and guaranteed entry into the Heritage College for qualified students. The 4+4 track allows students a traditional four-year undergraduate experience in any of our pre-professional, pre-medical school tracks before entering medical school. Admission to the program is highly competitive — only 10 students will be accepted into the program each year.

Applying to the Program

To be considered for the program, high school seniors must meet certain minimum criteria, apply for acceptance to Otterbein no later than Jan. 15, and be accepted by the Heritage College through an interview process. Students in the 3+4 fast-track would select a major in biology (B.A.), chemistry (B.A.) or biochemistry and molecular biology (B.S.). Students in the 4+4 track may choose any of our pre-professional, pre-medical school tracks.

Minimum criteria include: 

  • 3.5 GPA | 28 ACT
  • 1250 to 1280 SAT (math and critical reading)
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Four years each of English, Math and Science, including Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Resident of Ohio
  • U.S. citizen or hold permanent resident status

After a student is accepted into one of these three programs at Otterbein, Heritage College will schedule an interview with the student to take place in February, prior to the start of their freshman year. Students will be notified within one week of their interviews whether they are accepted for conditional admission into the Pre-Medicine program.

About Heritage College

The Heritage College is a national leader in training primary care physicians. The college is number one in Ohio and 11th nationally in medical schools that graduate physicians who practice in underserved rural areas. The state’s only osteopathic medical school, the college will open a new site in Dublin, Ohio, in 2014 and a campus in affiliation with Cleveland Clinic on the campus of Cleveland Clinic’s South Pointe Hospital in Warrensville Heights in 2015. Students participating in the Early Assurance Program can be considered for any of the Heritage College’s campuses.

/Pre-Professional Health Sciences

Dr. Lisa Marr
Assistant Professor, Biology and Earth Sciences
p/ 614.823.1575
e/ emarr@otterbein.edu

/Pre-Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Lisa Marr
Assistant Professor, Biology and Earth Sciences
p/ 614.823.1575
e/ emarr@otterbein.edu


Richard Yntema
Department of History & Political Science Chairperson & Professor
p/ 614.823.1884
e/ ryntema@otterbein.edu