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How to Earn a Card

Five Cards Process

Step 1 - Choose the experience you are going to use to earn your card.
Step 2 - Discuss the Card characteristics and reflection process with your Card sponsor.*
Step 3 - Complete your Cardinal Experience* 
Step 4 - Complete and submit your Five Cards application through an e-portfolio in Digication

*Steps 2 & 3 may be reversed if you are applying retroactively.

After you have completed your Cardinal Experience you will create and submit an easy e-portfolio that includes general information about your experience and a brief reflection narrative.  Submitting an e-portfolio is the final step in earning a Card.

Ready to Apply for your Cards? Enroll in the Five Cards Course

First, you will need to enroll in the Five Cards course in Digication – if the course is not already listed under “My Courses”.  Follow these simple steps to enroll in the course.

  1. Log in to Digication.
  2. Find “My Courses” on the right hand side of your screen.  Click on Find on the right.
  3. In the first search box type the word “Five”.  Click on Search on the right.
  4. You will see “Five Cardinal Experiences Course” listed.  Click on View on the right.
  5. You will come to a new screen. Click on Enroll on the bottom left.  You are now enrolled in the Five Cards course!

 Now you can create your Five Cards e-portfolio and apply for your Cards!

If you have any questions or need assistance in enrolling contact 5cards@otterbein.edu 

How to Create an E-Portfolio

Please note: If you created an e-portfolio from the template prior to mid February, 2015 you should create a new e-portfolio as some of the template content has changed. 

  1. Log in to Digication.
  2. Find “My Courses” on the right hand side of your screen. Click on “Five Cardinal Experience Course” 
  3. Select the “e-portfolios” tab.
  4. Click on the “create e-portfolio from template” button to the right of the  template titled, “1A Five Cards Application Template”
  5. Skip chose a theme (those come from the template)
  6. Under permissions select "private within Otterbein University"
  7. Do not allow tags
  8. Select who may comment (recommended: registered users) and when comments will be shown (recommended: Do not show comments until they have been approved)
  9. Click on "create new e-portfolio" You have now created your Five Cards e-portfolio! * Note that you only create this e-portfolio once for all of your applications.*

Once you have created your e-portfolio (Create an Application)

  1. Click on the Card for which you are applying (under “View Sections”)
  2. Read through the instructions on the right then create your application in one of the three sections under, “MY APPLICATIONS”.  Note: There is an example of an application under the Five Cardinal Experiences Overview tab.
  3. Please fill in all of the information in the table to the best of your ability. Some of this information will be on your Experiential Transcript.
  4. Read and write to the Reflection prompt. Reflections should be around 500 words in length.

How to submit your application for evaluation

  1. Click on Portfolio Tools on the upper right side.
  2. Click “Submit”.
  3. Select the “Five Cardinal Experiences Course”. Click on Next.
  4. Select the application you are submitting. Click on Next.
  5. Select the Card Application. Click on Next.
  6. Select the part(s) of your e-portfolio you are submitting to earn your Card.  You will most likely be selecting “My _______ Application #___”.Click on Save and submit.

Your sponsor will now be sent an email notifying them that your application has been submitted for evaluation. Once your sponsor evaluates your application you will be send an email with your Card certificate attached.

If you have any questions about the Five Cards application process please contact 5cards@otterbein.edu.


Kathryn Plank
Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of University Programs

Tabatha Piper
Five Cards Graduate Assistant

Patricia Wilson
Five Cards Faculty Liaison

p/ 614.823.1501
e/ 5cards@otterbein.edu