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Five Cards Sponsors

Photo of Dean Gatti with 2 students

A sponsor supports students in their Five Cards journey. A sponsor can be a faculty or staff member or a member of the community such as an internship supervisor. All sponsors understand the importance of the Five Cards and help ensure that students understand the process for earning a Card. Sponsors are often engaged in their own Five Cards related experiences showing students that experiential learning is a life long journey.

Professors will inform students of Five Cardinal Experiences in a course and students are always encouraged to expand upon classroom activities to create their own Cardinal Experiences.

Click here to see The Five Cardinal Experience process from Card creation to student recognition at graduation.

Adding a Course or Co-Curricular to the Five Cards Opportunities Lists

Lists of opportunities for earning each Card are located on the individual Card pages. These lists allow students to learn about opportunities for earning their Five Cards. If you teach a course or advise a co-curricular that includes an opportunity for earning a Card and want the experience added to the opportunities list fill out the form below that corresponds to the Cardinal Experience in your course or co-curricular and submit the form to the Five Cards Council member listed at the top.

Evaluating Student Applications 

Once a student submits a Five Cards application through Digication a notification will be sent to 5cards@otterbein.edu. The notification along with instructions for evaluation will then be forwarded to the Card sponsor listed on the student's application.

Instructions for evaluating student applications are below

Instructions for Evaluating Student Five Card applications

The Role of a Five Cards Sponsor

Create and Promote Experiences:

  • Map curricular and co-curricular experiences you teach and/or supervise
  • Vet experiences with the Five Cards Council
  • Promote and offer experiences to students in and out of class
  • Incorporate the Learning Outcomes and reflection into your experiences – such as including these in a course syllabus

Support Students:

  • Encourage students to complete and apply for a Card or Cards
  • Supervise addition student work if appropriate and needed
  • Access student work in eportfolio
  • Supervise and support independent student experiences

Five Card Sponsor Highlight: Sarah Bouchard

Five Cards sponsors often experience the Five Cards right along with their students. This is the case with biology professor Sarah Bouchard who travels with students to Gamboa, Panama in the summers. While in Panama Bouchard and her students, live and work near large tracts of rainforest at a Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute field station. Bouchard and her students conduct experiments investigating the nutritional ecology of Red-eyed Treefrogs and try to understand how tadpole environmental conditions affect the frogs returning to the forest.  While in Panama, students have the opportunity to interact with scientists from around the world, including Bouchard, and experience an ecosystem that is completely different from their own. Working alongside Bouchard gives students wonderful reference as they research and travel and gives the students an example of how they will use their Cardinal Experience and major in the future. This experience also gives students the opportunity to earn multiple Cards one for research and one for global engagement as students both conduct their research on the Red-eyed Treefrogs and experience the local culture as students shop and eat at local businesses, learn to navigate the public transportation system and discover the history of the Panama Canal.

If you have any questions, please contact a Five Cards Council member listed at your right.


Kathryn Plank
Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of University Programs

Tabatha Piper
Five Cards Graduate Assistant

Patricia Wilson
Five Cards Faculty Liaison

p/ 614.823.1501
e/ 5cards@otterbein.edu

/Five Cards Council Members

Undergraduate Research and Creative Work
Sarah Bouchard
Karen Steigman
Shelly Payne
Wendy Sherman-Heckler

Internships and Professional Experience
Ashley Strausser
Shirine Mafi

Global Engagement and Intercultural Experiences
Jerrin Hill
Lisa Phillips
Amy Johnson

Leadership and Citizenship
Leslie Cavin
Maria Polak
Patti Wilson

Community Engagement
Melissa Gilbert
Regina Kengla
Kristen Reninger

Five Cards Graduate Assistant
Chelsie Lakeman