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The Humanities at Otterbein

Why the Humanities at Otterbein

At Otterbein, our integrative approach to education provides you with the smartest way to study the humanities.  Through the humanities you learn to think critically, analytically and creatively to solve complex problems.

You learn to ask questions in order to gain new insights, as well as find meaning, inspiration and wisdom in your own and others’ successes and failures. You learn to understand and appreciate other’s points of view in order to better understand your own beliefs and values. You learn to communicate effectively.

You also learn to see the connection between all areas of knowledge, and to understand the past in order to envision the future.  Your Otterbein experience will allow you to stand out in your career, in your community and in the world.

Program Highlights and Opportunities

Professional Articles: Why the Humanities

  • Why Humanities? The Huffington Post, Daniel Little
    Parents and siblings are sometimes a bit baffled when their student declares a passionate interest in the humanities. Why can't she pursue a practical degree like accounting or computer science? What is the use of a dozen courses in the humanities? More basically, what are the humanities? / read more

  • Why Study the Arts and Humanities? The Huffington Post, Daniel R. Schwarz
    Following the recent report of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences on the crisis in the Humanities entitled "The Heart of the Matter," I have seen quite a few insightful commentaries, most stressing economic utility -- how the humanities help students succeed in whatever endeavor they pursue -- and some stressing how the humanities contribute to making students better citizens in a democracy. 
    / read more

  • Why Study Humanities. What I Tell Engineering Freshmen
    The National Endowment for the Humanities, John Horgan
    Horgan writes in the Scientific American (June 20, 2013) that, "it is precisely because science is so powerful that we need the humanities now more than ever. ... The humanities are more about questions than answers."
    / read the PDF article

  • 5 Reasons to Major in Humanities Before Entering the High-Tech Industry
    USA Today, Jonathan Swartz
    Students trying to get a foot into the high-tech industry typically choose their major very pragmatically. Thinking that majors like computer science and engineering will provide them all the necessary skills to find employment at Google, Apple or Facebook, most students don’t think twice about pursuing a degree in the humanities. / read more

  • 11 Reasons to Major in the Humanities (Business Insider)
  • Holy James Joyce, A Humanities Degree Can Get Me a Job (USA Today)
  • Why the Humanities Matter (TIMES Higher Education)
  • Don't Dismiss the Humanities (NY Times)

Spotlight On...

Alumna Reflects on Lessons Learned at Otterbein

Liz Hardy

Otterbein often teaches students lessons they keep with them for the rest of their lives. Sometimes these lessons come in the form of academic pursuits. Sometimes they come from a sense of collective pride and service. And sometimes they come from friendships and losses. For Liz Hardy ’07, all of these came together equally to shape her future.