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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an LLC?
A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a small group of students who choose to participate in an experience that links academic experience (i.e. class) with their living community (i.e. residence hall).

What are the benefits of participating in an LLC at Otterbein?
Participants in LLCs make connections from the first day they arrive on campus with peers, faculty and staff who share similar interests based on the theme of the LLC.  The ability to build relationships with like-minded others who share common interests, knowledge and experiences with the LLC theme enriches their transition to college.

Where can I learn more about LLC’s at Otterbein?
Visit www.otterbein.edu/livinglearning or contact the Center for Student Success at 614-823-1624 or livinglearning@otterbein.edu.

Do all first year students participate in an LLC?
No, approximately 25% of incoming students are in an LLC.

How many students will be in my LLC?
Each LLC will vary in size, which is determined by the classes the LLC is linked to and also the capacity within the residence hall.  No LLC is smaller than 15 students and no LLC is larger than 60 students.   

How do I sign up for an LLC?
Students who have been identified as benefitting from the LLCs will be invited by email.  Those students will be asked to complete a brief form that will help us gauge their interest in the LLC.  Additionally, if you were not invited to an LLC, but are still interested in requesting a space, visit www.otterbein.edu/livinglearning and click on the "Request Form" button or email livinglearning@otterbein.edu.  (We will do our best to accommodate all interest!)  Finally, once you receive your Registration Survey in May, you should specify which LLC you have requested a space in, and then indicate which FYS course you are most interested in taking. 


Does it cost extra to be part of an LLC?
There are no direct additional costs (e.g. fees) to participant.  However, many participants may desire to purchase small items while on field trip to places such as Clippers baseball games or visits to the Short North district in Downtown Columbus.

Are there extra requirements to be part of an LLC?
There are not necessarily extra requirements. Each LLC will have some events and programs offered outside of class time.  Some of these will be required as a part of your course, others will be optional.  We always have student schedules in mind when offering these events.  Most students find the time to be well spent and something that they enjoy, so are happy to spend some time with their fellow LLC students and faculty.

Am I committing to this for just the fall semester or the whole year?
In our current model the FYS course is only in the fall semester but we hope to have spring semester activities to continue the relationships that were built in the fall. 

Can I be in the Honors program and be part of an LLC?
Absolutely!  Honors students are eligible to participate in the Honors program and can live in any residential option.  However, if you want to participate in a Living Learning Community, you would live in that corresponding Hall AND participate in Honors.  (For instance, the Leadership LLC resides in Hanby Hall, Sports in Society in Davis, and Radical Creativity in Dunlap King.)   

Can I be in more than one LLC?
No, given that LLCs link your housing with a shared class, you cannot physically be in two at once.  However, each LLC is within one of our residence halls and therefore you will still meet lots of other students who may or may not be in your LLC.

Can I change LLC’s?
Once we have reviewed applications and made placements it is not possible to move in to another LLC (because it requires also moving housing).  If you have concerns about your ability to stay in an LLC, please contact livinglearning@otterbein.edu.

When will I know if I was selected to be in an LLC? 
Our goal is to inform you prior to the first Summer Orientation, so around June 19th.  


What residence halls are each LLC in?
Leadership – Hanby Hall
Sports in Society – Davis
Radical Creativity
 – Dunlap-King

Does my roommate have to be in the LLC?
Your roommate does not have to be in the LLC, for example: you want to be roommates with your best friend who does not want to be in the LLC. However, your roommate cannot be in a different LLC if you are requesting a roommate.  Since LLCs are in various buildings, your roommate must either be in the same LLC, or not in an LLC at all.

Do I complete both a Housing Application and an LLC Request Form?
Yes!  The Housing application takes care of your campus housing and the LLC request form takes care of being a part of a LLC.  They are not the same process so two different items are needed.

Can a commuter student be part an LLC?
No, unfortunately living in the residence halls is a crucial component to the LLC experience so students commuting from home are unable to participate.

/Contact FYE

The Center for Student Success is your contact for FYE and is Located at 172 W. Main Street (Nestled between Tau Delta and TEM, Across from the Science Center)

Office Hours
M-Th: 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
F: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

p / 614-823-1624


Kate Lehman/Jennifer Bechtold, Assistant Deans for Student Success