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LLC Mission, Goals, Values & Outcomes

Mission of Living Learning Communities

The mission of the Living Learning Communities at Otterbein University is to create intentional, inclusive and integrative communities formed around common themes where students live and learn together.   These communities are designed to engage students in active, experiential and social learning activities while developing and building relationships with like-minded students, faculty and staff.  While each LLC is unique, all LLCs seek to create a spirited community for the purpose of fostering relationships amongst students, faculty and staff and allowing students to connect and engage with peers in meaningful ways and for all involved to learn more about themselves. 

Goals of Living Learning Communities

  • Providing living and learning environments that are supportive of the academic and social development of participants.
  • Enhancing the academic and social experience of students through meaningful interaction with faculty, staff and students in the classroom, on campus and residence hall communities.
  • Fostering transformational learning environments that allow participants to focus on the steady process of personal growth and development through self-reflection, relationship building and collaborative work.
  • Serving as a catalyst for the development of a love of lifelong learning, personal and professional development, lifelong friendships and affiliation with Otterbein University.

Values of Living Learning Communities

In partnership with Residence Life and Academic Affairs, Living Learning Communities at Otterbein University will develop purposeful, open, just, disciplined, caring and celebrative communities (Boyer, 1990).   For this to occur all members of the LLC will strive to honor the following core principles and practices:

  • Collaborating with peers, faculty and staff in meaningful ways to develop a positive community atmosphere that promotes;
  • Respect for others by understanding, appreciating and celebrating our human and cultural differences which enhances;
  • Growth through a commitment to ones academic, personal and social development that promotes;
  • Learning as an activity that occurs throughout one’s lifetime and is a critical component to one’s long-term personal and professional success and happiness.

Learning Outcomes for Living Learning Communities

  • Experience an intentional immersion in the theme of the LLC and be exposed to integrative learning

  • Build relationships with fellow students in their LLC

  • Build relationship with faculty partners in their LLC

  • Successfully transition to the Otterbein community

/Contact FYE

The Center for Student Success is your contact for FYE and is Located at 172 W. Main Street (Nestled between Tau Delta and TEM, Across from the Science Center)

Office Hours
M-Th: 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
F: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

p / 614-823-1624


Kate Lehman/Jennifer Bechtold, Assistant Deans for Student Success