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IS Advisory Committee

The IS Program is led by a director and an advisory committee. The committee has faculty representatives from each area requirement, as well as from other campus offices. IS Advisory meets biweekly in order to facilitate collaboration between the IS Program and the academic departments from which the Program draws its instructors.

Committee Structure

Area Requirement Positions
(6 positions total)
Ex Officio Positions
(5 in total)
  • INST 1500 Identity Projects thread
  • Library
  • INST 2000 Interconnections thread
  • Center for Teaching and Learning
  • INST 2200 Reflection &
    Responsibility thread
  • Dean of University Programs
  • INST 2400  Natural Foundations thread
  • Continuing Studies
  • INST 2600 Creativity & Culture thread
  • FYE Director or liaison
  • INST Dyads


At Large Positions: 1-2 as needed for School of Professional Studies; 1 year renewable term 

/Integrative Studies Program

Joby DeCoster, Interim Director
Towers Hall 211
p/ 614.823.1564 
e/ jdecoster@otterbein.edu 

Andrew Mills, Director
Towers Hall 322
p/ 614.823.1368
e/ INSTDirector@otterbein.edu

Rachel Martin
Graduate Assistant
Towers Hall 223a
p/ 614.823.1124
e/ isassistant@otterbein.edu