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Students are required to take 8 courses totaling 32 semester hours.

First Year Requirements

FYS 1000 First-Year Seminar (one course; 4 hrs)
Topical seminars emphasizing intellectual discovery, critical inquiry, and integrative learning. This course will introduce you to the mission and learning goals of the Integrative Studies Program, connect purposefully to select co-curricular components of the First Year Experience Program, and provide you with opportunities to practice foundational reading, thinking, communication, information literacy, and research skills.

INST 1500 Identity Projects: Writing and Literature (one course; 4 hrs)
Foregrounding the study of literature and the practice of writing, this requirement area invites you to explore the self in dynamic and critical terms. You will consider the interplay of individual and social identities, and study the self as a catalyst of voice, action, and purpose. In the process, you will engage with questions that are central to personhood: How does the self relate to others? How does the self change across time, culture, and circumstance? How does the self find its place in the world and know its impact? Courses in the thread will emphasize critical inquiry, close reading, and foundational expository writing skills. Honors students must register for a section of HNRS 1500.

Sophomore and Junior Requirements

INST 2000 Interconnections (one course; 4 hrs)
In this requirement area, you will use the approaches of history and the social sciences to explore how peoples across time and space have organized local, regional, national, and global communities. You will consider the ways in which individuals, groups, and societies are related to one another and examine the social, economic, and political traditions and structures they create. In the end, you will gain a better understanding of how and why peoples and societies have become increasingly interconnected to and interdependent upon one another.

INST 2200 Reflection and Responsibility (one course; 4 hrs)
This requirement area encourages you to reflect meaningfully on your own values and to explore the ethical dimensions of human existence. You will investigate and examine such important issues as individual and collective responsibility to a common good, the notion of a “good life,” and the nature and significance of personal and civic engagement.

INST 2400 Natural Foundations (one course; 4 hrs)
In this requirement area, you will explore our modern understanding of nature and the physical world and how we have arrived at this knowledge. Courses in this thread will explore the impact of this understanding on society and discuss how human activity changes the world. You will confront both the wonders and the dangers inherent in science, and be challenged to consider your individual and collective responsibility for these changes.

INST 2600 Creativity and Culture (one course; 4 hrs)
This requirement area explores how human beings find and create meaning in our world, particularly through creative inquiry in the arts. You will engage with knowledge that encourages deeper understanding and appreciation of the role of the arts across a diversity of human cultures. Using that knowledge, you will consider critical issues such as using the arts to engage questions of human meaning and purpose, how the arts can suggest and create new possibilities for communities and cultures, and questions of responsibility for maintaining and preserving cultural heritage from around the world.

Senior Requirements

Interdisciplinary Dyad (two courses; 8 hrs total)
To complete the dyad requirement, you will take two courses from different disciplines that are purposefully linked together and share a central theme, topic, or issue. You will return to and reflect on the overarching learning goals of the Integrative Studies Program and engage in interdisciplinary and integrative modes of learning. You can complete the dyad requirement by choosing from the options listed below. As this is the final requirement in Integrative Studies, you must have completed FYS 1000, INST 1500, and at least three of the four INST 2000, 2200, 2400, 2600 requirements before registering for the dyad.


Policies on course substitutions and waivers can be found in the Course Catalog.

/Integrative Studies Program

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