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Resources for Parents

Study Abroad at Otterbein

We invite parents to call Otterbein University's Center for Student Success at 614.823.1624 or email studyabroad@otterbein.edu to discuss any concerns you might have about your daughter's/son's participation in a study abroad program.

Program Costs

It is important to discuss this question with the Financial Aid Office staff on campus to determine the amount of financial aid that can be applied to an Otterbein program abroad. Your student's financial aid may be applied to the study abroad experience in most circumstances.

Otterbein students will pay published Otterbein University tuition and fees if participating in an exchange program. Room and board will be paid to the hosting institution. If participating in another kind of program, including direct enroll programs or outside provider programs, students will pay tuition and fees directly to the hosting institution or provider.
Additional expenses including airfare, books, passport and visa fees, in-country transportation, and incidentals may not be included. Students should provide the Financial Aid Office with estimated costs. Otterbein students will need to contact the program directly for a listing of additional expenses. Contact The Center for Student Success if you have questions about what services are included in a program.

Safety Abroad

We take this subject very seriously. We constantly evaluate the academics, service, and quality of life available in our programs.

All of our programs provide limited health insurance because we care about the welfare of our students. Programs have highly trained staff available 24 hours a day on-site to deal with situations that may arise.

How to use MEDEX

  1. Always carry your UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance ID card when traveling. Expatriates are covered on a full-time basis while on assignment.
  2. If you suffer a medical emergency, go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital without delay and then contact UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance.
  3. For help with medical, travel, and security problems, call UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance using one of the country-specific toll-free numbers printed on the back of the card. If you are in a country not listed, call the Emergency Response Center collect (1-410-453-6330).
  4. A multilingual Assistance Coordinator will ask your name, your organization's name, your UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance ID number (shown on your ID card) and a description of the situation.
  5. Assistance will be given and UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance will monitor your case until the situation is resolved.

Risks are inherent in any study abroad program. We discern and broadcast risks so students can take the necessary precautions. Our warranty of safety abroad is the same as the guarantee of safety in the U.S. However, there are events that are outside our control and responsible behavior by your daughter or son lessens the risks associated with being abroad. Almost always, students who behave responsibly do not have difficulties abroad.

Credits, Academics

With proper planning a semester and even a year-long study abroad program will not delay graduation. A student should work with an academic advisor and the Center for Student Success to plan a course of study that allows for a semester of electives to be taken abroad.

/ Study Abroad

The Center for Student Success is located at 172 West Main Street.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

p/ 614.823.1624
f/ 614.823.1325

Michelle Dippold 
Study Abroad Coordinator
e/ studyabroad@otterbein.edu

/ Application Deadlines

  • Fall - March 1
  • Spring - October 1
  • Summer - Rolling: Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator


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