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Services include working in all facets of the research process from collecting data, analyzing data to reporting information, and programming or evaluator roles on grants. As our membership continues to grow, so does the spectrum of services and expertise.

If you are a faculty member considering pursuing a grant opportunity, then the Research Co-Op could be a valuable resource to fulfill the programming and/or evaluator portion of the grant requirements. Fill out the inquiry form below to see if we can be of assistance to you on your grant!

How do I get research assistance?

We offer research-consulting services to faculty, students, and staff to discuss a prospective project for up to one hour at no charge. Any additional services will have a fee based on the amount of time projected to complete the project. These fees are negotiated on a project-by-project basis.

We offer research-consulting services to corporations, non-profits, and schools for a specified fee. We are able to provide the most knowledgeable faculty, staff, and students to conduct, analyze, and interpret your research.

Please submit the inquiry form below to learn more.

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Patricia Hohlbein

Terry Magas
Finance Director

Amy Soga
Graduate Assistant

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