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One Voice

Brianne Buletko

I am lending my one voice in speaking out to encourage others to join the cause.

“I can set an example and inspire others to be a part of something wonderful. There are so many different influences in the world, and I want to be a good one. We might not change the world or even a single cause by ourselves, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start the revolution. Every kind act counts and everyone can participate.

AnaJayé Diggs

I am lending my one voice to urban middle school students as a Bible study teacher.

“Throughout my life, I have gone through many trials and adversity. Even though I didn’t have a lot, I was able to give a lot from my heart. You can help others with a smile, a kind gesture, or showing others God’s love through your actions.”

Sean Donnelly

I am lending my one voice to the next generation.

“The future of our community and society is on our shoulders. It is our responsibility to identify, mold and teach the future leaders among us. It is necessary to encourage these leaders to take risks, make mistakes and grow through their learnings.”

David Phillips

I am lending my one voice to history and the humanities as the board chairman of the Maryland Humanities Council.

“If no one stepped forward to volunteer, donate, and lead organizations such as the Maryland Humanities Council and Otterbein University, our society would slip slowly and surely into deeper ignorance and chaos.”

Dr. Jackie Haverkamp

I am lending my one voice to students near and far through distance learning.

“I believe that my willingness to use technology allows for flexible learning experiences that are convenient for students. Shared voices lead to synergistic learning.”

Kari Shank

I am lending my one voice to cognitively impaired students through the Best of Both Worlds program.

“I can help make a difference because I am helping these students become more independent later in life. The program gives the students a chance to come to campus to get that “college” experience. Despite the difficulties you face in your life, everyone is deserving of the same experiences.”

Tyler TerMeer '05

As the director of Ohio AIDS Coalition in Columbus I advocate for those living with HIV and work with state lawmakers to affect change in public policy. My work has strengthened my determination to champion for others living with HIV. I particularly enjoy working with other young people living with the disease, and have developed partnerships with other organizations to create opportunities for this group such as advocating for their healthcare and helping them return to their communities. I lend my voice by helping others.

Glenna Jackson

I am lending my one voice to my students.

“I lend my ears in many different parts of the world in order to understand cultures and, in turn, use my voice to teach those insights to my students. I think everyone makes a difference--without even knowing it most of the time. Just listen, be compassionate, and share stories.

Ted Jones

I am lending my one voice as a volunteer and mentor to women entrepreneurs through Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Women Initiative and the Think Global Institute.

“Both organizations offer unique programs designed to help…create greater prosperity by providing selected women entrepreneurs with a business management education, a viable business plan and on-going mentors. When women are able to own and have the skill sets to operate their businesses, the voices of history demonstrate that positive social change and opportunity follow.”

Margie Vogt

I am lending my one voice by providing health care services to communities both locally and globally.

“As nurses, our profession is based on caring, and that premise includes the ideas of compassion, conscience and commitment – all of which are manifested in the act of serving others. Faculty model and help motivate student participation in providing services such as health fairs and screenings, community education and medical missions both domestically and globally.”

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